Dental Marketing: Geo-targeted Local Search Strategies

Dental Marketing: Geo-targeted Local Search StrategiesAccording to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. A geo-targeted local search strategy makes it easier for your dental practice’s prospective new patients to find your dental website and your practice.

But what exactly is geo-targeted local search?

Local search happens when a person is searching for something specific online and they use a location with the search term. The location could be the city, neighborhood, zip code, the state, name of a street, or any geo-targeted term to help identify the location.

If a new dental patient is searching for a cosmetic dentist in a particular area, you might see search terms such as —

  • city name- teeth whitening dentist
  • city neighborhood name- teeth whitening dentist
  • teeth whitening dentist- zip code
  • teeth whitening dentist- area code

There’s also the ‘direct navigation’ method (Jupiter Research estimates that nearly 17% of users search with this method) —


This type of specific web address search behavior is said to produce more qualified leads for the business found in this type of targeted search.

What is the best strategy for a dentist to be found in a geo-targeted search?

By having dental websites with a geo-targeted domain names. Search engines place great importance on the keywords that appear in the domain name in determining where a website appears in search results. A geo-targeted location domain name helps search identify your dental practice geographically.

For example –


A geo-targeted web address in today’s Internet dental marketing environment is a must for dentists who don’t want to suffer to consequences of having prospective new patients going to the competition just because they have a better local Internet presence.

Dentists: Are Smartphones a Part of Your Dental Marketing Plan?

Dentists: Are Smartphones a Part of Your Dental Marketing Plan?Dentists, is mobile phone marketing part of your dental marketing plan?

Because it should be!

Nielsenwire, the leader in measurement and information, just released their March 2012 stats on U.S. mobile subscribers who own smartphones.

Smartphone usage is up from 47.8 percent in December 2011 to 50.4 percent in March.

Consumers purchasing new phones picked smartphones more often, and among smartphone owners Apple was the top manufacturer of smartphone handsets, while Android was the top smartphone OS.

Smartphone owners in the U.S are the new mobile phone majority.

Smartphone owners in the U.S are the new mobile phone majority

Smartphones are more popular among those ages 25 to 34, but age isn’t the only determinant of smartphone ownership.

According to Nielsenwire, income also plays a significant role. When age and income are both taken into account, older subscribers with higher incomes are more likely to have a smartphone. For example, those 55-64 making over 100K a year are almost as likely to have a smartphone as those in the 35-44 age bracket making 35-75K per year.

A recent Pew Internet report found 74% of U.S. smartphone owners use their mobile devices to get real-time location-based information, and 18 percent use a geo-targeted social service to share their location. 30% used their phone to decide whether to visit a business.

Smartphone owners use their mobile devices to get real-time location-based information

The report also revealed that the young, the relatively well-educated and well-off, and parents of minor children are more likely than other kinds of cell owners to have used their cell phones recently for items such as search.

Juniper Research reports that more than 3.4 billion mobile coupons were redeemed globally in 2011 and MIT Technology Review predicts that smart phones are spreading faster than any technology in human history.

Don’t let your dental web presence be left out of this hot new technology trend.Smart Mobile Dental Marketing

The Internet Dental Alliance New Patient Portals include a full set of specially-designed smart mobile dental marketing pages.

This means that every person with a mobile smart phone, iPad or other tablet can easily view your practice information or site from any location.

Your portal can be viewed on all Apple iPhones and iPads . . . all the Blackberry phones . . . Slates . . . tablets . . . and virtually every smart mobile phone out there.

8 Best Dental Marketing Articles on Facebook for Dentists

8 Best Dental Marketing Articles on Facebook for DentistsIt is not uncommon for dentists to be overwhelmed by the multitude of dental marketing choices available now that the Internet is a factor in marketing to dental patients.

One marketing vector that many dentists are unsure about is Facebook.

They often wonder if having a dental practice Facebook Page is really necessary and worry about patient privacy issues.

But dentists are ignoring the fact that Facebook can be used to provide information on the latest dental treatments and discuss popular news items like fluoridation, or BPA, offering patients a dentist’s point of view on these important subjects.

No longer does a dentist have to wait for the local newspaper to call and ask their opinion about a dental care issue.

A dentist can turn to his or her dental practice Facebook Page and offer their advice on subjects which they feel the media is not accurately reporting.

The Wealthy Dentist has written extensively about using dental Facebook pages, and here are our most popular articles –

1. Dental Marketing: Facebook as an Effective Internet Marketing Tool
Effective dental marketing requires that dentists keep up a regular presence with dental patients in order to ensure success. Having a dental website, blog, newsletter, Google+ page and Facebook page are all important factors in keeping your dental practice in front of your dental patients…

2. 5 Reasons Moms Will Follow Your Dental Practice Facebook Page
Facebook dental marketing involves testing different ways to encourage the public to engage with your dental practice on your Facebook page. This includes everything from liking your page to sharing your videos and blog posts with their Facebook friends…

3. 10 Top Ways Dentists Can Engage Dental Patients on Facebook
Many dentists worry about the number of Facebook followers when they really should be worrying about whether their followers are reading and enjoying what they are posting on Facebook. The difference between Facebook and other dental marketing efforts is that a dental practice needs to invest a little bit of time on Facebook…

4. Dental Marketing with Facebook
Does your dental practice have a Facebook Page? If so, are you leveraging your dental practice Facebook Page to attract more new dental patients? If not, maybe now is the time to consider it as a part of your overall dental marketing plan. Facebook Pages have proved to be more successful for many brands over Facebook advertising…

5. Dental Marketing: The Real Facts About Dentists Using Facebook Pages
With more than 500 million active users now on Facebook, The Wealthy Dentist decided to conduct a survey asking dentists if they have a Facebook page for their dental practice to support their dental marketing efforts. Facebook is now used by 1 in every 13 people on earth and is beating Google in terms of traffic…

6. 5 Simple Online Marketing Strategies for Dentists
Social media is all about connecting with your patients. A dental Facebook Fan page is a great way to provide updates from your office staff, educate patients on new procedures, and promote fun events happening in your office. It’s another way to engage your clients in a way that makes them loyal to your business…

7. Dental Marketing on the Internet: What is the Value?
Social media has joined the Internet dental marketing toolbox along with multiple targeted websites and directory listings that are now required for maximizing new patient flow. Dentists measure many things in order to determine if their actions justify the cost…

8. Suburban Dentists Discover Facebook Pages Are Key to Dental Marketing Success
Facebook has emerged over the past few years as a powerful dental marketing platform. In the U.S. alone, Facebook has approximately 160 million visitors each month – about 3 out of every 4 Internet users – with the majority of them visiting the site on a daily basis…

The Internet Dental Alliance has been helping dentists maximize their Facebook presence for years. IDA dental websites are more than just Facebook compatible – they’re designed to look great and attract patients within your Facebook profile.

Stop by the Facebook Marketing for Your Dental Practice Page on the IDA website today.

Are you currently using Facebook as part of your dental marketing plan? What do you typically share?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

Smart Dental Practice Marketing Targets Geographic Locations

Smart Dental Practice MarketingOnline lead generation is now a dental marketing necessity for dentists who want to grow their dental practices – especially when they have multiple practice locations.

With mobile devices being used to find local services, targeting by location is the best strategy today in dental practice marketing.

Marketing-savvy dentists have websites that focus on their different dental practices and geographic locations.

IDA’s New Patient Marketing Machine™ goes far beyond providing a conventional website. The “Display Additional Office” area of the “Customize Portals” section, allows dentists the ability to include a secondary dental practice location on their dental website.

It’s a courtesy listing that lets patients know they can choose from multiple locations.

To watch a video and learn more about IDA’s customized portals, visit the Display Additional Office on Web Portal page at

Why Your Dental Marketing Should Include Google Plus

Why Your Dental Marketing Should Include Google Plus If your dental marketing plan doesn’t include social media and a geo-targeted dental website yet, now is the time to do so if you want your dental patients to find you online.

Google has just announced that it is introducing three new features to connect Google+ search users to their social networking profiles when they search the web.

According to Google when a user is signed in with Google+, they will receive personal results and profiles of people they know or follow. They will also be able to expand expand their results by discovering people related to their search.

Included in search results will be Google+ profiles and pages, personal photos and posts, and items that have been shared with the search user on Google+. This will mean that whatever Google+ circles a user belongs to and interacts with will have an influence on the Google search results returned.

This marks the beginning of more personalized Google search results.

Dental Marketing and Google Plus

Also added is a People and Pages feature where Google matches search queries to posts on Google+ that are linked to compatible content. This means when someone writes about a subject on Google+, and people in their circles Google search that subject, the comments and links are displayed automatically on Google’s page one for the Google+ users.

Google has also added the ability to see shared topics by Google+ power users on the right sidebar of the search results page, offering search users the option to connect with them on Google+. All of these are reasons why you want to add Google+ to your dental marketing plan.

Google+ just hit sixty million users and is still in its infancy.

It is important for you to create a dental practice brand page on Google+, and become an active user. Begin asking your dental patients if they are on Google+ and consider offering some incentives for patients who add your practice to their circles.

Internet experts feel more businesses will now be forced get more involved in Internet marketing and hire established internet marketing companies to ensure that their business will be found on the Internet.

Internet dental practice website design has become a major dental marketing strategy for many of The Wealthy Dentist subscribers. How many new patients you obtain from your dental website is determined almost entirely by one factor: your website’s position on the major Internet search engines including Yahoo, MSN and Google.

The Wealthy Dentist is here to help you with the ever-increasing changes in dental marketing.


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