Ricky Gervais Plays Dentist in New Movie

Dentist Ricky GervaisRicky Gervais, best known for leading the cast of "The Office" in the UK, is now starring in a new romantic comedy. "Ghost Town" follows a misanthropic dentist who flatlines on the operating table and wakes up with the ability to see dead people.

New York dentist Dr. Joe Marini also works as a film consultant. The producers of "Ghost Town" hired him to make sure their dentistry scenes were fully realistic.

As dental consultant to the film, Dr. Marini helped the set decorator create a realistic operatory filed with relevant dental tools, even bringing in a Zoom light. He instructed Gervais on how to hold a drill near a patient's face and how to mix alginate for an impression. Gervais quizzed him on dentists' mannerisms, and Dr. Marini was impressed with the results, telling Gervais, "You look more dental than I do!"

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Dentistry Gone Wild! Can a Dentist Talk to Zoo Animals at Night?

Dentistry Gone Wild! Can a Dentist Talk to Zoo Animals at Night?Does scaling a fence at the zoo relieve stress for dentists?

Maybe one dentist thought so before getting into hot water over a nighttime wall-climbing stunt.

Louisiana dentist Dr. Matt Sanderson is being investigated by the Monroe Police Department for entering the Louisiana Purchase Zoo by scaling the fence after hours.

The dentist told the Star News that he picked up his 14-year-old daughter and six of her friends from the movie theater  after seeing the movie “Man on a Ledge” and decided to take them on an adventure.

“One of the girls said something about seeing a movie about a zoo, so I said, ‘Well, let’s go to the zoo.’ We got there about 8 p.m. The fence was not very tall so we climbed it and went inside and took some pictures,” Sanderson said.

Upon leaving the zoo, the dentist was approached and questioned by the police, but not arrested.

Monroe Police Chief Quentin Holmes confirmed that Dr. Sanderson has not been charged with trespassing, but said the investigation is expected to conclude next week.

Dentist Sanderson spoke with zoo officials the next day and apologized. He also ended up apologizing to the girls’ parents. He claims only one mother was upset because she believed he took her daughter into an unsafe area.

Once the story hit the news Sanderson confessed to The Star that, “Right now, sitting here in the light of day, it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve done a lot of fun adventures, but I agree it went too far.”

He’s one lucky dentist, many of us here in California remember what happened to the youths who entered the San Francisco Zoo at night and were mauled by a tiger.

I actually think this doctor handled the potential blow-back on this escapade fairly well. Just about everyone has done something that ” in the light of day, it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”  That doesn’t make right but by apologizing publicly and profusely he has mitigated the incident as best as possible under the circumstances.

Next time he might want to take the girls to an indoor rock-climbing facility instead.

For more: Dentist Says Climbing Zoo’s Fence After Hours Was Mistake

Half of People Are Stupider Than Average

Half of People Are Smarter Than Average

I recently saw one of the most idiotic headlines I can recall:

Half of Our Children’s Dental Health Is Worse than National Average

It is, of course, true. By definition, half of anything is worse than average! And no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to improve that percentage. Tragically, 50% will always be below average, no matter what we’re talking about.

Hmm… I wonder what other ridiculous headlines we could create along these lines?


  • Half of All Dentists More Homicidal than Average
  • 50% of Dental Hygienists Are More Attractive than the Average Hygienist
  • Half of All Americans More Superstitious than Average American



The Difference Between British and American Teeth

Stereotypes say that UK teeth are brown and US teeth glow in the dark. Can you tell which celebrity smiles are American and which are British?
(Answers at end of article.

We may speak the same language (more or less), but there’s no doubt that there are lots of differences between Americans and Britons. The British all have crooked brown teeth, and the Americans all have over-bleached teeth that look like dentures. At least, that’s what the stereotypes say…

The BBC examined this phenomenon in a recent article on British vs. American teeth. Ricky Gervais, British star of the new movie Ghost Town, recounted how one American reporter assumed he wore false teeth for his role in the film. “He was horrified that I could have such horrible real teeth,” said Gervais. “It’s like the biggest difference between the Brits and the Americans, they are obsessed with perfect teeth.”

To those of us in the US, bad British teeth are a running joke. Mike Myers sported terrible false teeth for his role as Austin Powers, a British character. On The Simpsons, the town dentist scares children with his copy of “The Big Book of British Smiles.” There’s even a blog devoted to British teeth.

But Americans may be surprised to learn that the British mock us for our teeth as well. To them, our smiles are distractingly uniform and offensively white. “To me a row of perfect white teeth just says ‘American woman.’ Give me the natural look any day,” wrote one British man in response to the story. “Such teeth are as bad as an obvious facelift or oversized breast augmentation,” agreed an American cosmetic dentist.

So let’s review these celebrity smiles…

  1. Brad Pitt, USA
    His teeth are one of the most requested at US cosmetic dentists.
  2. Julia Roberts, USA
    Americans also request her teeth when getting dental makeovers.
  3. Queen Elizabeth, UK
    The monarch sports an appropriately British smile.
  4. Prince Charles, UK
    He also shows his British pride through his teeth.
  5. Johnny Depp, USA
    The actor wore pirate veneers for over a year while filming Pirates of the Caribbean.
  6. Ricky Gervais, UK
    No false teeth for him; they are the genuine article.
  7. Amy Winehouse, UK
    The singer’s smile is definitely not standard-issue American starlet.
  8. Barack Obama, USA
    Dentists across the political spectrum praise the presidential candidate’s teeth.

Potato Heads: Barack Obama and Sarah Palin (Video)

As a dentist – You’ve got to see this!

After a 770 point drop in the market yesterday, we were able to get a joint statement from Barack and Sarah on the Federal Bailout Program.


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