Friday Random Video: Invisible Driver Drive-Thru

Today’s Friday random video for dentists features the latest video to go viral on YouTube is the Invisible Driver Drive-Thru Prank by magician, Magic of Rahat.

Rahat is known for creating pranks for drive-through fast food restaurants and filming the employees reactions to him.

At almost 4 million views on YouTube this is by far his most successful prank video to date.

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you are in for a great laugh–

Enjoy your Friday!

Friday Random Video for Dentists: Dog Shaming

Today’s Friday random video for dentists features Maymo the Lemon Beagle.

Maymo likes to do mischievous things and the owner has outed the beagle on YouTube.

Careful — there’s one scene that could make you laugh so hard you snort whatever you may be drinking, so you’ve been warned.

Click on Play to watch this funny viral video –


Do you have a favorite video you’d like me to share with dentists? Let me know in the comments!

Dentists Wish They Had This Dog

Today’s Friday random video for dentists features “Porter” the driving dog.

Yes, you read that right.

He’s a Beardie Cross, a SPCA rescue dog and he can drive a Mini Cooper better than my 17-year-old son.

The New Zealand SPCA has been training dogs how to operate a Mini Cooper as part of a marketing campaign to show how rescue dogs make great adoption choices.

Click on Play and enjoy your Friday random video —

Think you can train one to take dental x-rays?

Friday Random Video for Dentists: See Spot Run

Today’s Friday random video for dentists features a dog and a cat.

What happens when you bring a new dog into a home where a cat and dog are already best friends?

A new dog that clearly doesn’t understand his place in the hierarchy of pets.

See how the cat handles the new dog —

Who were you betting on to win this fight?

Friday Random Video: Grumpy Vampire Visits Dentist

Friday Random Video: Grumpy Vampire Visits DentistToday’s Friday random video for dentists features a grumpy vampire who has a toothache and makes an appointment with a dentist, who promptly places a gold crown on his main fang.

He is tempted to bite the sexy dentist, and tries to go for her after she fits the gold crown on his tooth, to somewhat disastrous results.

The video short titled, “Vampire’s Crown” was produced at the University of Hertfordshire by Henry Mountain, Hiren Solanki and Nick Hughes.

Enjoy! It’s a fun 3 minutes —


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