Science Friday: No Link Between Fluoride in Bone and Osteosarcoma

IADR and FluorideA study by the International and American Associations for Dental Research found no significant association between bone fluoride levels and an osteosarcoma risk.

There has been an ongoing heated debate as to whether there is an association between fluoride and a risk for osteosarcoma.

As reported by Medical News Today, the study sample included incident cases of primary osteosarcoma and a control group of patients with newly-diagnosed malignant bone tumors. Specimens of tumor-adjacent bone and iliac crest bone were analyzed for fluoride content.

“The controversy over whether there is an association between fluoride and risk for osteosarcoma has existed since an inconclusive animal study 20 years ago,” said IADR Vice-president Helen Whelton. “Numerous human descriptive and case-control studies have attempted to address the controversy, but this study of using actual bone fluoride concentrations as a direct indicator of fluoride exposure represents our best science to date and shows no association between fluoride in bone and osteosarcoma risk.”

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Dentists Support Fluoridated Water: Survey

Fluoridate Our Water, Say the Majority of DentistsWater Fluoridation Dental Survey Results

In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they are in favor of water fluoridation. The clear majority (85%) support fluoridation, with many citing it as one of the top 10 public health innovations of the 20th century. The minority (15%) voiced concerns about the possible side effects of mass medication.

“There is a reason it was rated one of the top ten health policies of the century,” said one orthodontist. “Fluoride in excess is linked to several health problems,” cautioned a prosthodontist. “It is forced medication of questionable benefit,” said another dentist.

One dentist shared his anecdotal evidence in support of fluoridation. “I have had a practice in a small city for 25 years that does not have water fluoridation. This location is surrounded by many towns that are fluoridated. There is a drastically higher level of caries in children of the non-fluoridated city than the surrounding towns.”

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