How to Become Recognized as THE Cosmetic Dentist Part 1

Dr  Harvey Silverman As you know “cosmetic dentistry” is not a recognized specialty. That creates an interesting challenge for dentists who truly want to be recognized as providing outstanding cosmetic dental care.

Taking CE courses and affiliating yourself with an established aesthetic dental society is one step – but that does not help brand you as a cosmetic dentist. So the question remains — How do you stand out in the crowd in a professional, ethical way?

I don’t know how you feel about “selling” dentistry.

I personally am not comfortable with selling anything. If I liked to sell I would have gone into a different vocation. However I realize that a successful practice is based upon providing services that can benefit our patients.

That’s why I developed the following 3 Step No Selling strategy

1. Inform.
Too often, it’s the little things we don’t do that can have a negative result in case acceptance. Putting more emphasis on informing your patients about the changes in their oral health, new products and supporting research can greatly influence their confidence in you.

2. Power-Educate.
Don’t just educate, Power-Educate. Just because you have a DVD rolling in your reception room doesn’t mean you’re educating. When the patient is in the chair, take that time to help them understand their dental condition. For example, when they have a diastema between their central incisors, be sure to tell your patient that while orthodontia is one treatment to consider, they also might benefit by having veneers. Explain the benefits and liabilities of both options. That helps “power” educate your patients so they can make an informed decision. Remember, everything you see is an opportunity to help your patients become master students about their oral health.

3. Motivate.
When informing and educating you help patients understand what they have to gain. Once your patient appreciates that they can afford to proceed with work as well as how your service can benefit them through more self-confidence, they become self-motivated. Many patients postpone cosmetic treatment because of a breakdown in Steps 1 or 2 above. When that occurs you seldom end up with a motivated patient. The result all too often is hearing your patient say, “Let me think about it.”

If you are bitten by the cosmetic dentistry bug and want to become recognized as one of the truly talented cosmetic dentists in your area then it’s time for you to step up your cosmetic program. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing with you some of the strategies that have been implemented by my dentist clients around the country. You can also find related information that I share in articles in Dentistry Today and Dental Products Report.

I’m sure you realize that it requires more than just taking courses or joining a cosmetic dental society to create a cosmetically focused dental practice. It requires dedication to achieving your goal – and the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry will help you do exactly that with these articles – and it will be a fun and profitable journey – best of all your patients will be the beneficiary of our program.

You have my word on that.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you will find in the next edition of How To Become Recognized As The Cosmetic Dentist In Your Community:

5 Action Steps That Create Instant Demand For Cosmetic Dentistry

1. Creating Self Awareness through a Self Evaluation of your Practice
2. Scrap the Tabloids, Share some Smiles
3. Effective use of a Smile Analysis Form
4. Motivating Office Décor
5. Who’s your Smile Consultant?

About the author:

Dr  Harvey Silverman Dr. Harvey Silverman has successfully coached dentists on how to take their cosmetic dentistry practice to the next level since 1984. If you want information on how the Silverman Institute’s Cosmetic Dentistry Boot Camp Program can take your cosmetic practice to the next level, contact Dr Silverman at (216) 256-4599 or e-mail him at

Dr Silverman is the author of Best Cosmetic Dentistry Practices in Dental Products Report as well as Silverman On Smiles in Dentistry Today and is the inventor of the LifeLike Veneer System™ and the EasySmile Tooth Whitening System™ that will be available to dentists in 2012.


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