84 Nigerian Children Dead Due to Tainted Teething Formula

At least 84 Nigerian children have died in the past three months from tainted dental medicine, according to the country’s Health Ministry.

“My Pikin” is a paracetemol-based formula designed to stop teething pain. A batch of the medicine that went on sale in November was tainted with diethylene glycol, a deadly poison.

Diethylene glycol is the active ingredient in antifreeze. The colorless, odorless liquid is similar in consistency to glycerin, which is perfectly safe. However, counterfeiters have fraudulently passed off diethylene glycol as the more-expensive glycerin.

Hmm… Where have we heard this tragic story before?

  • Tainted pet food killed countless cats and dogs
  • Tainted cough syrup killed dozens in Panama
  • Tainted toothpaste put countless lives in danger

However, these scandals were blamed on Chinese imports. In this case, officials traced the contamination back to an unregistered chemical dealer in a slum of Lagos, Nigeria. A number of pharmaceutical officials are already under arrest.

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Zero Out of Five Dentists Recommend Poison Toothpaste

Another Deadly Chinese Import Discovered

Here’s the worst idea I’ve heard in a long time – poison toothpaste.

Panamanian officials recently discovered thousands of tubes of poisonous toothpaste. The announcement of their discovery has prompted scares in other countries, with an Australian recall already announced.

There have been no confirmed deaths due to the toxic toothpaste; Panamanian authorities reported that most who tried it found it tasted funny and spit it out.

However, the toxin is a confirmed killer that’s been making all kinds of headlines recently: diethylene glycol, an ingredient found in antifreeze. At least 100 Panamanians died last year from ingesting contaminated cough syrup. It’s also the same toxin that caused the recent pet food scare in the US.

In all these cases, the tainted ingredients have been traced back to China. It appears that diethylene glycol was sold as glycerin, an additive in many products. Diethylene glycol has the same slippery, gel-like consistency as glycerin, making the change impossible to detect without testing. Diethylene glycol has the advantage of being cheaper to produce, but the considerable disadvantage of being poisonous.


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