Dental Management & Marketing: Fun – or No?

Dental management & marketing - responsibilities and enjoymentDentists are split over dental marketing and management — almost half hate those responsibilities, but just as many say they sometimes enjoy them.

“I hate the management, but like the marketing,” said one dentist.

In this survey, 43% said they sometimes enjoy dental management and dental practice marketing, 16% say it’s not the best and not the worst, and 41% absolutely hate it.

  • “I like patient education and motivation.” (Endodontist)
  • “I like the dental surveys and hearing what other dentists are thinking.” (New York dentist)
  • “I enjoy bringing out the best in the team and coming up with a marketing plan that works!” (California dental professional)
  • “I love the marketing; it is fun and profitable. Dental websites are essential, and I have many.” (Illinois sleep apnea & TMJ dentist)
  • Internal dental marketing, where my patients tell their friends about the appointment they had at our office, is what I prefer most.” (Wisconsin dentist)
  • “I don’t like that we have to advertise, but the general public has been so brainwashed to accept marketing that we are almost forced to do some form of marketing in order to stay competitive.” (Florida dentist)
  • “I wish I could have someone buy my practice and do the management! I have been told often that I am an excellent manager, but it is not my favorite part of practice ownership. I never seem to get a total break.” (Alabama dentist)

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Dentist Survey: Do You Own or Rent Your Dental Practice Real Estate?

Dental real estate: rent vs. ownThis survey by The Wealthy Dentist asked about a major dental practice management expense. Do dentists lease or own their dental real estate?

More than three-quarters of the dentists surveyed own their practice facilities.

Despite unstable real estate values across the U.S. within the past 10 years, dentists still prefer to own rather than rent.

Only 3% of the respondents own and are worried about their mortgage. The majority of dentists either own the building free and clear ( 35% ),  or own it and pay a reasonable mortgage (39% ).

Do dentists rent or own their dental practice facilities?“Always own your property; best investment you can make.” New York dentist

“If the facility is a good investment – own it.” Tennessee dentist

“It all depends on location but generally owning the dental practice real estate affords one a greater opportunity to build wealth.” Nevada dentist

“There is security in knowing that my rent will not go up and I will not have to move due to a change of ownership.” Texas dentist

“Much better to own the right building in the right location. Problem is the right location is changing as dental practice is changing.” California orthodontist

Fewer than one quarter of our dentists rent their facilities, with 10% on a long term lease, and 13% on a lease expiring in less than two years.

“Owning would be far preferable to renting, but unfortunately my landlord won’t sell. Real estate is very limited in my area.” California oral surgeon

“Tenant improvements (and repayment) are the real killer!” California dentist

Do you think it’s better to own or rent your dental practice real estate?

Dentists Weigh In on the Dental X-ray and Brain Tumor Debate

More Dentists Weigh In on the Dental X-ray and Brain Tumor DebateGiven the recent negative publicity surrounding dental X-rays and brain tumors, our recent The Wealthy Dentist survey covered whether dental practices will change how they use X-rays.

We asked:

“According to a recent study, dental X-rays may be linked with brain tumors. Will this news change how your practice uses X-rays?”

Here’s how dentists responded:

  • 66%: Definitely no!
  • 25%: Not at this point, although this study has led us to consider it.
  • 9%: Yes, we will be changing our X-ray protocols.

Two thirds of dentists debated the validity of the data. Urban dentists over rural dentists were the most vocal about their skepticism in this survey.

“This study is highly flawed. The number of cancers per population is so small. You could die from an abscess more than your chance of getting this cancer. I read there are 5000 cancers per 350 million people?”

But some dentists did take the X-ray study into consideration —

“We will take this opportunity to reinforce our office position as an industry leader in all phases of patient safety.” (General dentist)

“It’s quite possible, some correlation between brain tumors and old ways to take X-rays. Let’s don’t forget we went from regular films to high speed to a digital generation decreasing every time the amount of radiation.” (Florida dentist)

“We use digital X-rays and take updated X-rays only when necessary.” (Ohio dentist)

“We are using digital radiographs and feel that we do everything possible to minimize unnecessary exposure.” (Texas dentist)

“I believe we have to make the right choices for our patients: how often – how many medical conditions. We also have to look at our society and what devices we use on a regular basis: cell phones, microwaves, electric blankets, TVs, air plane flights, not to mention our landfills loaded with hazardous materials. With technology comes risks but also life-saving devices and techniques.” (Massachusetts dentist)

“We decided on digital films prior to this announcement.” (General dentist)

IF the study is correct, it will certainly affect the number of radiographs a dentist will record.” (Pediatric dentist)

“We’ve been doing the 18 mos to 2 yrs for many years. Only a select few of our dental patients require more frequent radiographic diagnosis.” (Arizona dentist)

“Further thoughts, yes, on this study that was flawed in concept.” (Oklahoma dentist)

“I’ve used a digital sensor for over a dozen years and have always been ultra-conservative in ordering X-rays based on the dental patient’s current and past oral conditions, not on a fixed timetable.” (Illinois dentist)

“We already stretch the limits on our X-rays and consider the history of the patient in doing so.” (California dentist)

“We are empowering our clinical team with information so that they may respond to concerns from patients. We also posted our rebuttal on our Website and Facebook page. We preform x-rays annually and/or on as needed basis.” (West Virginia dentist)

“Should always practice conservatively and limit taking dental (or chest) X-rays to the minimum at all times. I do not agree with taking X-rays ROUTINELY. (California dentist)

251 dentists responded to this survey by The Wealthy Dentist. To hear what the more agitated dentists had to say about the dental X-ray and brain tumor debate, see last week’s article, Dentists React To Dental X-ray Brain Tumor Study as Flawed Science.

What are your thoughts on the dental X-ray and brain cancer debate?

Dentist Survey Uncovers Sports Car Attraction

Dentists and sports carsThe Wealthy Dentist has observed a certain stereotype that dentists drive sports cars. So we conducted a dentist survey asking doctors if they have ever owned a sports car, or if they own one now.

Dentists love their sports cars!

As it turns out, 26% of our dentists own a Porsche; 34% own another brand of sports car — and they’re proud of it!

“It certainly fits me as I have had them for over sixty years,” replied a Georgia dentist.

“You earned it, enjoy it,” said a general dentist in Canada.

The 40% who are not sports car buffs apparently support their collegues’ right to reward themselves for their hard work.

“I don’t drive a sports car but I have no problem with other dentist driving [one]. We all have our priorities of where we spend our hard earned money.” Kentucky dentist

“We work hard. Some of us are car people. For those who want a nice sports car, I feel they have earned it.” Illinois dentist

Here’s how a Massachusetts dentist  handles patient comments about his expensive toys: “I think dentists should stop feeling guilty for their incomes. I have never said I deserve anything. I am however grateful that my patients over the years have supported me. When a patient says they paid for my boat I thank them because it is true.”

Of course, all stereotypes have exceptions:  “I drive an old Civic for the gas mileage!!” Texas dentist

Is there a sports car in your garage? What do you think of the stereotype of dentists who drive sports cars?

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry (Survey Video)

Pediatric sedation dentistry dentist survey videoPediatric sedation dentistry can be a valuable part of children’s dentistry.

In this survey of dentists, 68% say they are in favor of children’s sedation dentistry. Note that when we asked the same question in 2010, only 52% were in favor.

“It requires extensive training and case selection is very important,” warned a pediatric dentist.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss what dentists think about pediatric sedation dentistry:

“At our office, an MD anesthesiologist provides sedation while I perform the dentistry,” said a Missouri dentist.

“I have been doing all forms of sedation for over 30 years,” said a Texas periodontist. “Young children are very brittle and administration requires advanced training for the safest outcomes.”

“It’s the only way to treat some kids,” sighed a Georgia dentist. “I sure am thankful that I can refer to someone who does it as I would not want the liability and stress myself!”

It’s important to remember that kids are dental patients too! And sedation dentistry is a real boon to many dental patients.

Do you have any further thoughts on pediatric sedation dentistry?


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