The Essentials of Dental Patient Marketing: Dental Office Presentation

In last week’s article, Dental Marketing: 7 Ways To Turn Your Dental Office Into a Hot Marketing Machine we wrote about the importance of an effective dental office presentation.

We highlighted Marina Pacific Heights Dental Care in San Francisco as an example of a dental practice that exemplifies a great dental office presentation — one that effectively markets new patients on its own.

dental office presentation

This practice effectively attracts new patients 7 great ways with …

1.  An effective dental office front.
2.  Dental signage that is easy to read from a distance.
3.  Use of the office phone number in branding.
4.  Effective window advertising displays.
5.  Prominent front door signage.
6.  Use of key visuals with pop-art sculpture.
7.  Utilizing the entrance space as an advertising platform.

We asked Dr. Steven Brattesani about his obvious passion for dental marketing and attracting new patients. He offered the following –

“There are still more changes to come …  like the giant custom-designed tooth brush and mirror … which will be finished with lighting and marble bases.  I also have fiber optic LED shadow boxes that are being redone that will change color at night.  It’s funny to watch how they stop everyone in their tracks.  People walk from one to the other to see what’s inside! Being located on one of the busiest thoroughfares in my section of town with 65,000 cars a day driving by, I have tried to maximize my frontage …”

Marketing your practice through a powerful dental office presentation strengthens your identity, reminds people of your dental practice and is simply good business.

Dr. Brattesani doesn’t stop there, he goes on to say –

“Times have been tough with the economy … and (effective) marketing takes time and staying power. I have been co-marketing with local businesses. I give them a free nicely packaged travel tooth-Brush/micro toothpaste and Tooth Pick. So far, we have given away about 6,000 in this past month. It has rendered about 14 or so new patients…”

Dr. Brattesani’s dental marketing involves utilizing multiple elements to attract new patients, increase production, and make his local community aware of his services.

The Wealthy Dentist's "The $1,000,000 Sign"Dental practice marketing may seem — to the dentist —like an overwhelming task.  But really it’s a combination of sound judgment and understanding what works.

The worst thing you can do is to put it off because it seems like too much trouble.

Dr. Steven Brattesani is living proof of what can be done with a little creative spark and imagination.

If you still are apprehensive about dental practice marketing, the simplest way to start is to take a quick look at TWD’s “$1,000,000 Sign” tutorial.

An effective dental office front.

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