New Root Canal Patient Gross Production Value

New Root Canal Patient Gross Production ValueThe latest The Wealthy Dentist survey reveals that the average gross production of a new root canal patient in the first 9 months of treatment in 2012 was $2,300.

Suburban dentists reported higher production figures with amounts between $2,200 – $5,000.

Charles Blair of the Blair, McGill and Hill Group with Dr. Michael D. Goldstein have stated that “there is no greater potential for increasing your net hourly revenue than by doing your own uncomplicated endodontic procedures efficiently… analysis has consistently shown endodontics to have the highest dollar-per-hour and highest dollar-per-visit payoff of any [dental] procedure…(Source: Dr. Michael D. Goldstein)

It has been estimated that approximately 40 million root canals are performed annually in the U.S. with a greater than 95% success rate.

A UCL Eastman Dental Institute systematic review of human clinical studies on tooth survival following non-surgical root canal treatment found four conditions that significantly improved tooth survival, making it an attractive dental procedure for many dental patients. In descending order of influence, the conditions increasing observed proportion of survival were as follows:

1. A dental crown restoration after RCTx.
2. Tooth having both mesial and distal proximal contacts.
3. Tooth not functioning as an abutment for removable or fixed prosthesis.
4. Tooth type or specifically non-molar teeth.

In The Wealthy Dentist root canal survey, general dentists were performing root canals and reporting average production profits between $1,800 and $3,000 for new root canal patients, while endodontists average $1,000.

One dentist responded, “Root canal therapy is a big money maker. It’s a great way to beef up the bottom line.”

What are your thoughts on the value of a new root canal patient?

Negative Online Review Allowed To Stay by Supreme Court

Negative Online Review Allowed To Stay by Supreme CourtIn December, The Wealthy Dentist reported on a story that first appeared in the New York Daily News which told the story of Virginia contractor, Christopher Dietz, who was suing his former customer, Jane Perez, for negative online reviews she wrote on Yelp and Angie’s list.

At the time, a judge had granted Dietz a temporary injunction against Perez and ordered the ex-client to change her online reviews, especially the part where she accused Dietz of stealing jewelry.

It seemed reasonable and encouraging to many small business owners and most especially dentists, who have been dealing with questionable tactics by some negative online reviewers for several years now.

Then Public Citizen and the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in. Late in December they filed a 21-page petition calling the judges prior decision “censorship.” What followed was a quick decision by the Virginia Supreme Court to reverse the injunction against Perez.

All is not lost, the ruling only specifically addresses whether a judge can order a revision or censorship of online speech while a lawsuit is pending. The ruling says no, and the libel lawsuit is moving forward. A jury trial will decide if there are damages.

The Wealthy Dentist has advised dentists to not sue in these cases but instead use the money to initiate an aggressive Internet dental marketing campaign to counter the review. Immediately addressing the review in a calm manner can also help quickly counter what the reviewer has said.

Typically, the general public does not search past page two of online search results and this is where a dental practice’s online engagement can help bury a negative review. Facebook Pages, Twitter pages, YouTube videos, and Pinterest pages all show up high in search.

If a dental practice has taken the time to develop an Internet dental marketing plan for their online presence (using the dentist’s name and the dental practice name) they can fill the first page of Google with their own social media presence.

The Wealthy Dentist continues to argue that no business should have to deal with slanderous, vindictive online reviews and believe that eventually online review sites will have to find ways to deal with the libelous reviews, regardless of anti-SLAPP. Eventually a business owner will win big over a slanderous review and online review sites will be forced to set stricter review guidelines.  In the meantime, everyone is watching how the Dietz- Perez will play out.

What are your thoughts on this latest ruling in favor of keeping the review as it was written until the libel case is settled?

For more on this story see: VA Supreme Court: Judge Can’t Force Yelp User To Redact Review 

Dental Marketing: Pinterest Seeing More Health-Related Searches

Dental Marketing: Pinterest Seeing More Health-Related Searches: The Wealthy Dentist on PinterestSocial media site Pinterest is seeing more health-related searches than it has since it launched in March 2010, according to Lisa Israel, a spokeswoman for Pinterest.

Depending on your dental patient demographic, Pinterest is becoming a social media site that shouldn’t be ignored in your 2013 dental marketing plan.

Pinterest has quickly become the 3rd most popular social media site behind Facebook and Twitter.

Women ages 25 – 34 use Pinterest with most averaging 1 hour and 17 minutes per visit and shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors arriving at a website by other sources. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. A call-to-action pin sees an 80% increase in engagement. (Source: Mashable)

Pinterest generates over 4 times as much revenue per click as Twitter and 27% more revenue per click than Facebook. (Source: Converto)

Dental photographs have always been indispensable in maximum case acceptance. Teeth whitening and braces are the most popular dental “pins” on Pinterest following the trend for users to save (or pin) their self-improvement plans with before and after photographs.

Think about Pinterest as more of an online “to-do” or “want” list in images that link to the websites where the images are found. This is the traffic power behind using Pinterest. Pinterest users “scrapbook” their ideas, hobbies, passions, wants, needs, and inspiration with the world when they “pin” images to their virtual boards.

Members are able to follow each other and comment, just like other social media platforms. They also share their boards with each other.

Here are 7 ways a dental practice can use Pinterest for dental marketing –

1. Share images of your dental practice, both inside and out.

2. Share your before and after photos from those dental patients who have given permission to share their images online.  Use ideas from your case acceptance presentations.

3. Encourage your dental patients to share their images on your boards. Consider ideas like “My dental patients graduating this year” and invite them to post their graduation photos with their beautiful smiles.

4. Share new dental equipment.

5. Even share the things you enjoy and you may find many patients who share your passions for trout fishing, race cars, or golf.

6. If you have dental patients who are getting married, ask them to share a couple of their wedding photographs.

7. Women are even planning their weddings on Pinterest. Think of the services you can offer a prospective bride that she may want to include on her wedding planning boards for things she wants to get done before the big day.

Dentists must be present in more places online, and recognize that dental patients increasingly want to engage in social media, regardless of the platform.

Broadening your dental marketing to include image boards on Pinterest is a simple new way to showcase your dental practice in a positive light. To see The Wealthy Dentist dental marketing ideas on Pinterest, visit The Wealthy Dentist’s Pinterest Page for more details.

Dental Marketing Strategies Dentists Valued Most in 2012

Dental Marketing Strategies Dentists Valued Most in 2012yPerfect dental marketing strategies would allow you to know exactly what your dental patients are thinking about your dental practice on any given day.

Unfortunately, dental marketing doesn’t work this way, so you’ve got to use the right marketing resources to reach more dental patients.

In 2012, The Wealthy Dentist researched and reported on a variety of dental marketing ideas to help dentists get the most from their dental marketing efforts.

Here are the top 5 dental marketing strategies dentists responded to in 2012 in order of popularity –


1. Best Dental Marketing Vectors
Many dentists believe that word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to secure new dental patients while ignoring the dental marketing opportunities presented by engaging in social media. Dentists are further challenged by where to allocate their limited marketing resources in order to see a quality return on investment –be it for time, money, or both. But there is great opportunity in the use of social media to attract and engage new dental patients. The Wealthy Dentist offered advice on the best dental marketing vectors for dentists.

2. Dental Marketing with Facebook
Many dentists worry about the number of Facebook followers when they really should be worrying whether their followers are reading and enjoying what they are posting on Facebook. The difference between Facebook and other dental marketing efforts is that a dental practice needs to invest a little bit of time on Facebook. This small amount of extra time can go a long way and can even provide a rewarding experience as dental patients begin to provide feedback and communicate directly with a dental practice. The Wealthy Dentist offered suggestions on how to use Facebook for dental marketing.

3. What To Share on Social Media
Utilizing various social media sites as part of an effective Internet dental marketing plan will provide a dentist with the ability to connect with potential dental patients directly. A dental practice’s online presence is more than putting up a dental website and having a local Google business listing; it’s about being transparent and connecting with the community on a more personal level. The Wealthy Dentist informed dentists on the best information to share on social media.

4. Avoiding Negative Online Reviews
Dealing with a negative online review can be a nightmare for many dentists because one poorly executed response can hurt years of dental marketing efforts. Many dentists learned that the better prepared a dental practice is on how to handle a negative review, the less likely the dentist is to blow what could be a dental marketing opportunity. Yes, negative online reviews can be a dental marketing opportunity. The Wealthy Dentist showed dentists how to turn a negative online review into a positive dental marketing opportunity.

5. Dental Video Marketing
Reports revealed that video appears in around 70% of the top Google search listings, thus dentists began looking into creating dental videos. This was a smart move by dentists as dental videos are an easy way to gain attention for your dental practice and beat your competition in search results. When it comes to Internet dental marketing, there is no better investment than web videos. The Wealthy Dentist revealed the best ways to use dental video marketing.

So there you have the dental marketing strategies dentists valued most in 2012.

What were your favorite dental marketing strategies for 2012? What worked and didn’t work for your dental practice?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

New Dental Marketing Trend: Facebook Nearby

New Dental Marketing Trend: Facebook NearbyJust when you thought you were up-to-date on the latest dental marketing trends, Facebook adds a new feature to its mobile app “Nearby.”

The update to Facebook Nearby will now enable its mobile users to rate and “like” businesses nearby, taking the app beyond its existing check-in ability.

The idea is to for Facebook users to find nearby businesses with the help of their Facebook friends and recommendations.

According to Forbes online, when users click on the “Nearby” section of the left hand menu on the mobile Facebook app, they will see a list of nearby businesses. The locations are sorted by those that friends have recommended, checked-in to or liked. Then people can select categories such as restaurants to find all nearby businesses in that category.

Each business listing will also show friends who have checked in there and other details about the business.

The Facebook Nearby product manager, Josh Williams told USA Today, “The visualization of the information is what’s dramatically improved. So instead of a plain list, the new tab will pull up a map based on where you are, and a list of places that are around you that we think are the most interesting, based on where your friends have been, or their recommendations…now, after I check in or add a photo to my location, it gets shared in my (Facebook) newsfeed, and a friend might find it later.”

How this effects a dental practice’s Internet dental marketing is that once a mobile user has found a business they are looking for, the ability to look at additional information about the business, such as phone numbers, email addresses, hours of operation, and (this is the the new dental marketing opportunity) a button to “Like” the business on Facebook.

Smartphones are now past the 50% mark in the U.S. and continue to sell at a brisk pace accounting for over 75% of the devices sold in Q3 2012, reports the strategic advisory firm, Chetan Sharma consulting.

If your dental website isn’t ready for the wave in mobile use, what is your main reason for resisting the growing mobile trend? Do you still think that having a Facebook business page is unnecessary for a dental practice?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

To read more about Facebook Nearby see: Facebook Takes On Foursquare And Yelp With ‘Nearby


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