The Dental Future May Not Be Rosy (Survey Video)

Dental future: dentist survey videoWhat does the dental future hold?

No one can say for certain, of course. However, dentists are not terribly optimistic about the future of the dental profession.

When we asked about their feelings on the future of dentistry, only 22% said it looked bright. Another 35% are uncertain, while a full 43% of dentists are pessimistic about the future of dentistry.

One dentist said, “I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I do know that I wouldn’t encourage my children to follow in my footsteps.”

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss what dentists think about the dental future:

“I am especially concerned about the future for my specialty,” said an orthodontist. “There are just too many orthodontists, and with pedodontists and general dentists doing more and more orthodontics, the competition for patients is fierce.”

“I have been in practice over 36 years and see a drastic decline in decay and periodontal disease,” observed one dentist. “I really don’t know what dentists will do in the future.”

“Unfortunately, too many dentists are more concerned about the bottom line rather than helping patients solve their dental problems,” complained a dental implant dentist.

Looking into your crystal ball, do you have any further thoughts on what the dental future might hold?

Choosing a Dental Career (video)

Dental career dentist survey videoA dental career can be richly rewarding… or a source of near-constant frustration.

When The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking dentists if they would still want to be a dentist if they could do it all over again, two out of three said they would still choose dentistry. One in three said that, knowing what they know now, they would change professions.

“I love being a dentist. I have been practicing over 40 years, and I look forward to going to work every day,” said an Oklahoma dentist.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss dentists’ thoughts on choosing a dental career in this video.

“I make a nice living, but I would not do this again. I would rather be a plumber!” declared a Minnesota dentist.

Said an Arizona dentist, “I enjoy cosmetic dentistry, and my practice has evolved into a boutique-type office with a connection to overall health. I love it!”

“Being a dentist has been a true disappointment to a lifelong dream. I acquired an extreme amount of debt, I’m disillusioned and exhausted, and, frankly, it doesn’t pay enough for the abuse,” complained an Alabama dentist. “I just do not enjoy it!”

What would you advise a young person considering a career in dentistry?


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