How to Upgrade Your Dental Practice?

Dental Practice, Meet Salon-Spa

One Illinois dentist is selling her practice in a whole new way – she’s created a
“one-stop shop” that includes dentistry, salon, spa and lifestyle services. Dr.
Tina Champion-Harris of Richton Park recently opened That Certain Smile, where dental work is offered alongside hair styling, manicures and pedicures, eyebrow waxing and massage.

The staff includes two dentists, a massage therapist, several hair stylists, a nail technician, an esthetician – and some even more unexpected collaborators. The center has a photographer, offers daycare to clients, and offers consultations with a range of professionals, including a plastic surgeon, life coach, trainer, yoga coach, nutritionist and financial analyst. In fact, Dr. Champion-Harris hopes to eventually open a second center with on-site plastic surgery capability. She says her goal is to eventually have ten suburban centers.

Not only has Dr. Champion-Harris developed a promising new idea for her dental practice, she’s also gotten free press for doing it. Do you have any ideas on
innovative ways to market dental practices?

The Essentials of Dental Patient Marketing: Dental Office Presentation

In last week’s article, Dental Marketing: 7 Ways To Turn Your Dental Office Into a Hot Marketing Machine we wrote about the importance of an effective dental office presentation.

We highlighted Marina Pacific Heights Dental Care in San Francisco as an example of a dental practice that exemplifies a great dental office presentation — one that effectively markets new patients on its own.

dental office presentation

This practice effectively attracts new patients 7 great ways with …

1.  An effective dental office front.
2.  Dental signage that is easy to read from a distance.
3.  Use of the office phone number in branding.
4.  Effective window advertising displays.
5.  Prominent front door signage.
6.  Use of key visuals with pop-art sculpture.
7.  Utilizing the entrance space as an advertising platform.

We asked Dr. Steven Brattesani about his obvious passion for dental marketing and attracting new patients. He offered the following –

“There are still more changes to come …  like the giant custom-designed tooth brush and mirror … which will be finished with lighting and marble bases.  I also have fiber optic LED shadow boxes that are being redone that will change color at night.  It’s funny to watch how they stop everyone in their tracks.  People walk from one to the other to see what’s inside! Being located on one of the busiest thoroughfares in my section of town with 65,000 cars a day driving by, I have tried to maximize my frontage …”

Marketing your practice through a powerful dental office presentation strengthens your identity, reminds people of your dental practice and is simply good business.

Dr. Brattesani doesn’t stop there, he goes on to say –

“Times have been tough with the economy … and (effective) marketing takes time and staying power. I have been co-marketing with local businesses. I give them a free nicely packaged travel tooth-Brush/micro toothpaste and Tooth Pick. So far, we have given away about 6,000 in this past month. It has rendered about 14 or so new patients…”

Dr. Brattesani’s dental marketing involves utilizing multiple elements to attract new patients, increase production, and make his local community aware of his services.

The Wealthy Dentist's "The $1,000,000 Sign"Dental practice marketing may seem — to the dentist —like an overwhelming task.  But really it’s a combination of sound judgment and understanding what works.

The worst thing you can do is to put it off because it seems like too much trouble.

Dr. Steven Brattesani is living proof of what can be done with a little creative spark and imagination.

If you still are apprehensive about dental practice marketing, the simplest way to start is to take a quick look at TWD’s “$1,000,000 Sign” tutorial.

An effective dental office front.

Internet Dental Marketing: How Google Search Plus Your World Works (video)

Internet Dental Marketing: How Google Search Plus Your World Works (video)Are you curious how the changes to Google search will impact your Internet dental marketing?

Search Plus Your World is what Google is calling their personal search algorithm intended for the users of Google Plus.

When a Google Plus user is signed into Google, their search results will be very different from searches done outside of Google Plus. Search Plus Your World will include photos, blog posts, and recommendations from the user and their friends.

They will see the personal results and the profiles of people they know (or follow) on Google Plus included in their search results. They will also be able to expand their Google circles by discovering people and brands related to their search —  Google will be offering these recommendations to them too.

If the idea of Search Plus Your World has you a little confused, Google has provided the following video, which shows how Google intends personal search to look for the Google Plus user —

These changes to Google search mean that individuals will play an ever-growing part in search results from Google.

Dentists can help their Internet dental marketing efforts by creating and sharing dentistry-related content as always, but with a new attention directed at Google Plus. Maximize impact by educating your dental patients on who you are and how you can help.

What are your initial thoughts about Google’s Search Plus Your World, and how is your dental practice using Google Plus?

There’s Big Business in Acquiring New Dental Patients

There's Big Business in Acquiring New Dental PatientsHalf of the dentists in the latest The Wealthy Dentist survey report that they would be willing to pay $150.00 or more to acquire one new dental patient.

Dentists responded that they would be willing to pay anywhere from $20.00 to over $300.00 for one new patient.

Of course, there were a wide variety of dollar amounts that dentists indicated they would be willing to spend in the acquisition of a new patient.

Here’s how dentists responded to the question, “How much would be willing to pay to acquire one new dental patient?”

• 17% — Up to $20 a patient
• 13% — Up to $50 a patient
• 19% — Up to $100 a patient
• 21% — Up to $150 a patient
• 09% — Up to $200 a patient
• 04% — Up to $250 a patient
• 06% — Up to $300 a patient
• 11% — Over $300 a patient

Acquiring New Dental Patients Survey Graph

Suburban and urban dentists were more willing to pay for more new dental patients than their rural counterparts with suburban dentists willing to pay the most.

Here are some of the comments by dentists in this survey:

“What we mean is that this is our actual cost through our dental marketing efforts.” (Pennsylvania dentist)

“My projected value per patient is $2300.00. So paying a few hundred dollars to get them in my door is a no-brainer.” (Texas dentist)

“I would pay more for veneers or implant patients.” (New Jersey dentist)

“Paying directly to acquire new patients on a per-patient basis is illegal, but general dental advertising and promotion is legal as long as costs are not charged per patient.” (California dentist)

“They’d have to go through with an orthodontic treatment.” (Massachusetts orthodontist)

“Corporate greed from mega dental clinics (owned by non-dentists) have practically no budget to acquire new patients. How in the hell do new graduates with private offices have a chance!!?” (Washington dentist)

Referral marketing has been traditionally considered by many experts to be one of the most effective ways to gain new dental patients because it creates a “warm lead” — a prospective patient who hears about the dentist from a friend whom they know, like and trust.

Potential patients who are “warm leads” will often call the office to set an appointment even if they’ve never visited the dental website simply because their friend or family member made the recommendation.

The cost to acquire that kind of patient is next to zero.

The Wealthy Dentist recommends for best results, that dentists provide an incentive or special offer to include in aTell-A-Friend email. The ‘Tell-A-Friend’ feature is a great low cost way to let your patients market your practice for you.

The Internet Dental Alliance provides pre-written suggestions dentists can use to create special offers, so why not head on over to and check out Dental Email Newsletters for Current Patients and More Referrals today.

Dentists: Are Smartphones a Part of Your Dental Marketing Plan?

Dentists: Are Smartphones a Part of Your Dental Marketing Plan?Dentists, is mobile phone marketing part of your dental marketing plan?

Because it should be!

Nielsenwire, the leader in measurement and information, just released their March 2012 stats on U.S. mobile subscribers who own smartphones.

Smartphone usage is up from 47.8 percent in December 2011 to 50.4 percent in March.

Consumers purchasing new phones picked smartphones more often, and among smartphone owners Apple was the top manufacturer of smartphone handsets, while Android was the top smartphone OS.

Smartphone owners in the U.S are the new mobile phone majority.

Smartphone owners in the U.S are the new mobile phone majority

Smartphones are more popular among those ages 25 to 34, but age isn’t the only determinant of smartphone ownership.

According to Nielsenwire, income also plays a significant role. When age and income are both taken into account, older subscribers with higher incomes are more likely to have a smartphone. For example, those 55-64 making over 100K a year are almost as likely to have a smartphone as those in the 35-44 age bracket making 35-75K per year.

A recent Pew Internet report found 74% of U.S. smartphone owners use their mobile devices to get real-time location-based information, and 18 percent use a geo-targeted social service to share their location. 30% used their phone to decide whether to visit a business.

Smartphone owners use their mobile devices to get real-time location-based information

The report also revealed that the young, the relatively well-educated and well-off, and parents of minor children are more likely than other kinds of cell owners to have used their cell phones recently for items such as search.

Juniper Research reports that more than 3.4 billion mobile coupons were redeemed globally in 2011 and MIT Technology Review predicts that smart phones are spreading faster than any technology in human history.

Don’t let your dental web presence be left out of this hot new technology trend.Smart Mobile Dental Marketing

The Internet Dental Alliance New Patient Portals include a full set of specially-designed smart mobile dental marketing pages.

This means that every person with a mobile smart phone, iPad or other tablet can easily view your practice information or site from any location.

Your portal can be viewed on all Apple iPhones and iPads . . . all the Blackberry phones . . . Slates . . . tablets . . . and virtually every smart mobile phone out there.


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