Yearly Dental Marketing Budgets and Marketing Trends

Yearly Dental Marketing Budgets and Marketing TrendsA recent dental survey revealed that the average yearly dental marketing budget for dental practices is $48,000. In this The Wealthy Dentist survey, we learned that for 9 out of 10 dentists, dental practice websites remain the top priority for marketing budget money in 2012.

6 out of 10 dentists also include Internet dental marketing in their annual budget, while 5 out of 10 allot a portion of the budget to internal referral programs.

Email newsletter marketing and Yellow Pages advertising remain in the dental marketing budget for 53% of the survey respondents, while 30% still include radio advertising and direct marketing.

Less than 10% factor TV advertising into their yearly dental marketing budget, reflecting a national trend towards developing a a media plan that does not include TV advertising.

dental marketing budget

“We hired a dental marketing firm and are getting better results.  We think that marketing is the key to getting the number and type of patients you want. Return on investment is good,” said a Virginia dentist.

“We are very happy. Our marketing has shown consistent growth of over 100 new patients a month for the last 4 years. The newest being the low cost, proprietary CRM that we have implemented that is above and beyond anything I have been shown before,” said a general dentist.

Some dentists feel dental marketing costs are too expensive, with one pediatric dentist saying, “It’s too expensive. Everybody raises prices for dentists because they feel we have more $.”

On average, dentists employ eight different dental marketing tactics to achieve their marketing goals.

What dental marketing vectors are the most effective use of your yearly dental marketing budget? Let us know in the comments!

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Survey was conducted by The Wealthy Dentist.

Hot Dental Patient Trend: Tiny Tooth Jewelry

hot dental trends: tooth jewelryWho could imagine that teeth jewels would be the hot dental patient fashion trend for spring 2011?

Ever since artist Kanye West showed his diamond teeth on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last October the trend for “teeeth-bling” has gone mainstream.

Here’s the video clip of Kayne talking about his new diamond teeth –

Teeth jewels are specially manufactured for dentists to be attached with a light-curing composite. They are secured to the teeth without drilling. The teeth jewels are made from precious, semi-precious or metal crystals. The jewels can stay in place from a few months to up to several years, and can easily be removed at any time by the dentist.

It is being reported that hearts and stars are the hottest teeth jewelry styles for spring 2011.

Do you have many patients asking for teeth jewels? Is this a hot new trend with your younger dental patients?


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