Dental Marketing Can Bring Lots of New Patients (video)

Dental Marketing Can Bring Lots of New Patients (video)Dental marketing programs can bring lots of new dental patients to a doctor’s office.

However, some dentists can’t help but feel dirty about marketing themselves and their dental practices.

As one dentist pointed out, “A restaurant can’t say, ‘We won’t do marketing because we just want to cook good food for people.'”

Sighed a prostodontist, “Marketing is a necessary evil.”

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking dentists if dental marketing is part of their job.

Click on Play to hear how dentists answered this question —

What are your thoughts on dental marketing for your dental practice?

Cosmetic Dentistry Still Tops the List of Services Dentists Offer

Cosmetic Dentistry Still Tops the List of Services Dentists OfferWhen asked what services their dental practice offers, the dentists who responded with cosmetic dentistry were the clear majority in this survey.

More aging baby boomers are turning to cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of their teeth, which may explain the increase in demand for cosmetic dentistry services.

Dental implants are the most popular dental treatment among this demographic for the replacement of damaged or missing teeth.

A California dentist shared, “More than half of our practice is dental implants now!”

Here at The Wealthy Dentist, we were curious what services dentists are currently offering. The top services offered by dentists who responded to this survey are cosmetic, tooth whitening, dental implants, dentures, and children’s dentistry.

Here’s a breakdown of the services dentists are offering —

List of Services Dentists Offer

Dentists were disappointed that other services were not included in this survey, like Botox, oral cancer screenings, or offering custom mouthguards for patient athletes.

One prosthodontist noted, “Oral cancer screening and testing was not on the survey list. Also, it would be interesting to know how many offices provide Botox.”

A general dentist responded that he now offers same day service for CEREC restorations as part of his dental practice services.

Another dentist answered tongue-in-cheek, “I don’t offer gum disease, I treat it.”

What dental services does your dental practice offer? Has the demand for cosmetic dentistry increased?

Where is your dental marketing focused?

There’s Big Business in Acquiring New Dental Patients

There's Big Business in Acquiring New Dental PatientsHalf of the dentists in the latest The Wealthy Dentist survey report that they would be willing to pay $150.00 or more to acquire one new dental patient.

Dentists responded that they would be willing to pay anywhere from $20.00 to over $300.00 for one new patient.

Of course, there were a wide variety of dollar amounts that dentists indicated they would be willing to spend in the acquisition of a new patient.

Here’s how dentists responded to the question, “How much would be willing to pay to acquire one new dental patient?”

• 17% — Up to $20 a patient
• 13% — Up to $50 a patient
• 19% — Up to $100 a patient
• 21% — Up to $150 a patient
• 09% — Up to $200 a patient
• 04% — Up to $250 a patient
• 06% — Up to $300 a patient
• 11% — Over $300 a patient

Acquiring New Dental Patients Survey Graph

Suburban and urban dentists were more willing to pay for more new dental patients than their rural counterparts with suburban dentists willing to pay the most.

Here are some of the comments by dentists in this survey:

“What we mean is that this is our actual cost through our dental marketing efforts.” (Pennsylvania dentist)

“My projected value per patient is $2300.00. So paying a few hundred dollars to get them in my door is a no-brainer.” (Texas dentist)

“I would pay more for veneers or implant patients.” (New Jersey dentist)

“Paying directly to acquire new patients on a per-patient basis is illegal, but general dental advertising and promotion is legal as long as costs are not charged per patient.” (California dentist)

“They’d have to go through with an orthodontic treatment.” (Massachusetts orthodontist)

“Corporate greed from mega dental clinics (owned by non-dentists) have practically no budget to acquire new patients. How in the hell do new graduates with private offices have a chance!!?” (Washington dentist)

Referral marketing has been traditionally considered by many experts to be one of the most effective ways to gain new dental patients because it creates a “warm lead” — a prospective patient who hears about the dentist from a friend whom they know, like and trust.

Potential patients who are “warm leads” will often call the office to set an appointment even if they’ve never visited the dental website simply because their friend or family member made the recommendation.

The cost to acquire that kind of patient is next to zero.

The Wealthy Dentist recommends for best results, that dentists provide an incentive or special offer to include in aTell-A-Friend email. The ‘Tell-A-Friend’ feature is a great low cost way to let your patients market your practice for you.

The Internet Dental Alliance provides pre-written suggestions dentists can use to create special offers, so why not head on over to and check out Dental Email Newsletters for Current Patients and More Referrals today.

Dental Marketing: Dentists Use Dental X-Ray Study to Connect With New Patients (Video)

Dental practice marketing with internet videoWant to know how to use news headlines in your dental marketing campaigns? Then pay close attention while watching this video.

It’s about a dental survey we did surrounding a study published by the American Cancer Society that says dental x-rays may be linked with brain tumors.

The study examined old data and relied on patient recollections, so The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking doctors their thoughts about how the study results might impact their practice.

Many dentists think the headlines are misleading. And some dentists are using them to raise dental patient awareness about the safety of digital radiography.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey talk about dental marketing opportunities in news headlines.

Dentists agreed that dental patients have nothing to fear.

“I have had my staff use radiation badges for years. We have never had any radiation exposure,” said a West Virginia dentist.

Two out of three dentists responding to this survey dismissed the report and said they are making no changes.

“This study was very poorly done, relying solely on patients’ recollections of specific x-rays taken and when. Most dentists know that their patients can’t remember what they had taken, when, or by whom. I’ll wait for a real study to be done,” said a California dentist.

Other doctors have found that by staying up-to-date on the latest dental headlines in mainstream media, they stay informed about what their patients might be worried about, and can respond via their dental practice website.

“We are empowering our clinical team with information so that they may respond to concerns from patients. We also posted our rebuttal on our dental website and Facebook page,” said a West Virginia dentist.

How do you take advantage of news headlines in your dental marketing?

Death by Aesthetic Dentistry

How You Label Your Dental Practice Makes a Huge Difference

Last week we drove a stake through the heart of “Aesthetic” or “Esthetic” as marketing terms to describe your style of dentistry. For the New Year, I’ll be a little kinder to the term “Restorative Dentistry.”

cosmetic dental marketing terms

Restorative Dentistry” ranks number five on our list of top results for descriptive marketing phrases with more than one hundred responses per month. But let’s stop and think about this result for a moment. That’s about 108 searches a month per state! Of all the people searching for a dentist in your state, only 108 referenced “Restorative Dentistry” in their search request. This is not a marketing term on which to stake your practice’s or family’s financial future in the tough months ahead.

Now, some of you are thinking “Cosmetic Dentistry” is still a great marketing term, given there are 135,000 queries, versus only 90,400 for “General Dentistry.” So let’s segment just the “Dentistry” results. I’ll even include the 1,900 people who used the misspelling of “Cosmetic Denistry,” and “Family Cosmetic Dentistry” on the cosmetic side of the equation.

cosmetic dentistry SEO

Let’s compare “Cosmetic” to “Family.”

family dentistry and general dentists

The results favor “Family / General Dentistry,” but not by much. The remaining issue is this: are you going to refer to yourself as a “Family-Friendly” dental practice or a “General” practice? Well, unless your state laws require you to use the term “General Dentistry,” I would strongly suggest using “Family” or “Family-Friendly Dentistry” to cast your marketing net as wide as possible. Further, how many of you want to be one of those “General Dentists” doing “General Dentistry?”

What does this mean for your 2009 marketing? The answer is simple: context.

If you are using signage, you should make reference to “Family Dentistry.” If you have enough space on your sign, use both terms (“Family & Cosmetic Dentistry”), but lead with the more economically friendly “Family” terminology in these recessionary times. (Click here for more details on dental sign design.)

The same holds true for Yellow Pages phone book display and newspaper ads. Lead with “Family Dentistry,” and follow up with “Cosmetic,” “Implants” or “Sedation.”

In terms of dental website marketing for local practices, there are still more than enough people searching for “Cosmetic Dentistry” in conjunction with “Your City Name,” so it makes financial sense to have a specific geo-targeted site for cosmetics.

Because of the way the search engines list results, it is still cost-effective to have multiple dental websites that are each targeted at a different segment of the dental market: Family, Cosmetics, Implants, Sedation, Ortho, etc. Complete Internet campaigns including a local website, directory listing and custom monthly patient email newsletter start at just $280 a month and drop to as low as $160 each for multiple websites.

It’s not hard to justify expanding your Internet marketing when just one additional new patient will generally pay for a full year of marketing. The reality is that you will probably average – worst case – one additional new patient a month. It makes for a great dental marketing ROI in a recessionary market.

Have a Great New Year!


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