Dentists Keep Mum on Quality of Colleagues’ Dental Work (video)

Two of three dentists say they avoid criticizing their colleagues’ work. Is this professional courtesy? A high ethical standard? Deep-seated fear of lawyers?

“There are many factors out of the doctor’s control (we all know what those are),” said a periodontist, “and what comes around goes around.”

(Probably it’s the lawyers. A sleep dentist once told me he lived in fear of them.)

Cosmetic dentists are the worst offenders of bad-mouthing other dentists,” vented one dentist. “They imply other dentists do ugly dentistry.”

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Dental Marketing: Have You Put Dental Work on Sale? (video)

dental sales and promotionsDental marketing sales and promotions on dental treatment can bring more patients into a dentist’s office. But if you run the wrong promotion you might be overrun by the wrong kind of patients.

25 percent off dental hygiene can be a good practice promotion. Free painkiller prescriptions with every appointment would not be a good promotion.

“Discounting only works if you are trying to attract new patients.” said an Illinois pediatric dentist.

“For higher-end practices, you have to be careful so promotions don’t come off cheesy.” wrote a Pennsylvania dentist.

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists if their practices are running any sales or promotions. This survey found that 1 out of 3 dentists is currently running sales or a promotion.

Click on play to watch the survey video –


Dentists offered several promotion suggestions –

“We offer discounts of 15-20 percent, but only for those without insurance. It has made a difference with patients getting the work done, as they feel they are getting some help with the economy.” said one Arizona dentist.

“One ad offers $100.00 off any dental service. Another ad is good for $50.00 off every $500.00 spent. ‘Free whitening for life’ works as well as in-office patient referral system,” wrote one Colorado dentist, “Another offer that’s working is $1,000.00 off on any Invisalign case with up-front payment.”

When it comes to promo offers you really just want to make a token offer. Giving patients a small discount can be a great way to show appreciation and good faith. If you offer up a huge discount, you’re only going to attract those patients who really don’t want to pay for care.

So be cautious in your dental marketing when making a promotional offer.

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Dentist Survey: How Are Your Retirement Plans? (video)

dentist retirement plans Dentist retirement plans have been thrown off track by the recession economy. Fortunately, may dentists like practicing dentistry so they are not too worried.

“I’m not interested in retiring,” said one 63-year-old dentist. “I do want to change my practice to do more dental implants, dentures, and ortho.”

We conducted a survey that asked dentists if their retirement plans have changed as a result of the recession. Two out of three dentists surveyed acknowledged that the present economy means they plan to work longer than they expected.

Click on play to watch the survey video –


“Work is not a bad thing. How many folks do you know who waited to enjoy life until they retired and moved to Florida? Two years later they were dead. I say life is filled with choices. Choose what you enjoy and do it until the day you die!” advised a 71-years-young Texas dentist.

Financial planning for retirement is important — both from a professional and personal point of view, but the real question is choice. Every doctor out there should be planning their financial future so that when the day comes they have the choice to continue working, cut back of their days, or retire to the country club.

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Dentists Worry About Long Term Use of NTI Splint (video)

NTI splint surveyThe NTI-splint is a dental mouthguard used to treat headaches, migraines and teeth grinding. But there are dentists who worry about its long-term use.

“I think the NTI-splint does more damage than good. It is only for immediate pain relief, not as a long-term appliance,” said a California prosthodontist.

“NTI causes open bite issues and long-term damage to the TMJ’s,” reported a Texas dentist.

Some dentists worry that improper use of the NTI can cause orthodontic problems or jaw pain.

“The NTI caused a patient increased TMJ pain,” said a Georgia dentist. “The NTI creates anterior open bites if used for the long term,” declared a Hawaii dentist.

To hear more of what dentists had to say about NTI-splints, please click play and watch the following survey video –

In general, it’s great for dentists have more treatment options in their bag of tricks, but the NTI is like almost any other treatment modality: if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can do more harm than good.

What has been your experience with the NTI-splint at your dental practice?

How YouTube Can Help Your Dental Marketing

How YouTube Can Help Your Dental MarketingYouTube is often ignored by dentists as a valuable asset in their dental marketing arsenal.

YouTube can provide opportunities to showcase your dental practice and share what makes you the great dentist that you are.

Let’s face it, the world loves TV and movies and it doesn’t take a small fortune to put yourself out there on YouTube to entertain and educate your dental patients.

Creating YouTube videos is one of the easiest way to get a first-page organic ranking on Google — not to mention YouTube itself is the second largest search engine. There’s also the power of the social sharing aspect of videos if viewers like your dental YouTube videos.


You’ll want to purchase a camcorder with a combination of quality optics and a top image processor before you begin. A bigger lens tends to capture more light than smaller lens, which makes your dental videos brighter. This is especially important if you are going to be shooting your videos indoors.

Get a channel …

Be sure to claim and customize your own YouTube channel in anticipation of the videos you will be uploading. Go to YouTube, then click the Create Account link at the top of the YouTube web page. You will actually be directed to a page to create a new Google Account if you do not already have one.

Google offers a detailed outline on how to set up a channel at Creating a Brand Channel.

Have a plan…

Before you begin any filming, you are going to want to create a presentation outline or plan. Sit down and figure out what you think you want to share with your dental patients and decide on a schedule for sharing your videos. This will keep you on track and make sure you upload more than one video a year to your YouTube channel. You might consider doing a series of 24 short videos that you will publish on the 1st and 4th Friday of each month for the next 12 months on a series of dental topics.

Make sure to write a script and keep your video under two minutes. Practice several times until you have at least two recordings that you are happy with, then ask your staff which video they like the best.

You’d be surprised on how well some dental videos do on YouTube. Below I’ve selected three popular dental videos for you to get an idea of what is possible to create for your own dental YouTube Channel.

Teeth Brushing Lesson Tune Song for Children & Kid’s —

At almost 300,000 views on YouTube, it’s obvious that mothers and kids alike appreciate this tooth brushing song.

Root Canal Demonstration Dr. Jerry Gordon —

Dr. Jordan not only videoed his root canal performance, but he also explains in detail the procedure as he is performing it. At over 1.1 million views, we can all agree that Dr Jordan has created a very successful viral dental video.

Dental Health : How Does a Dentist Fill a Cavity?

Dr. Mike Glasmeier shares how a dentist fills a cavity by numbing the patient, cleaning the cavity and filling it. Dr. Glassmeier has received almost 123,000 views for his simple, instructional video.

Research titles…

Titles are important to finding your video so make sure you consider who will be searching for your video and what they will be typing in search. You will want to use those phrases in your titles on YouTube. Look at the cover of the magazines you keep in your dental practice to see they types of titles readers are drawn to. “How to” titles are always popular.

Share your videos…

Once you’ve uploaded your videos make sure you share them on your dental blog, your Facebook Page, on Google+ and Twitter. Be sure to ask your patients for their feedback and what they might enjoy seeing from you.  Don’t forget to add your most popular dental YouTube videos to your Google Places.

With the right videos, YouTube can connect you with current and new dental patients in ways you never thought possible. Yes, this will require that you devote some time and effort to create video content, but you may find that you actually enjoy it.

We will be talking a lot more about the coming “Dental Video Revolution” in dental marketing over the next few weeks . . . watch for it!


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