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Melinda SpitekHow to Add Profitability — Without Adding Patients!
Special Marketing Feature
By Melinda Spitek, Hycomb Marketing

We all love to get new patients, but a lot of the dentists I consult with aren’t aware of the gold mine they’re sitting on: high value current patients!

My office is located in California’s Wine Country, where the marketing of wine is a Great Big Deal. Did you know that less than 10% of the population purchases more than 80% of all wine sold? That’s a critical core consumer group. You find it mirrored again and again in other industries and enterprises.

And dentistry is no exception! There are five basic components of a successful internal dental marketing strategy:


  • Information value (keeping your patients up-to-date on what you offer),
  • Educational value (teaching your patients about important health issues),
  • Repetition value (reminding your patients that you are their dentist and that they might be past due for recare),
  • Consistency, and
  • Consistency.



We are so inundated with information these days that people forget faster than ever. That’s why it’s never been more important to have an ongoing internal marketing program— and a realistic idea of what it can accomplish.

As an example, consider sending a regular newsletter to your entire patient base. Such a strategy provides:


  • Information and educational value,
  • Repeated name recognition,
  • A tangible link to your practice,
  • Flexibility of involvement (your office can be closely tied to development of the materials, or not involved at all), and
  • Cost-effective promotion to high-value current patients.



I’m often asked, “Do patients read newsletters?” I’ll be honest. Chances are a quarter of them will toss it without reading a word. But, even so, they will recall your name and know it came from you. Maybe half will read some of the newsletter with your name reminding them that you are their dentist. Maybe a quarter will read it cover to cover and be stimulated!

I’d compare this strategy to a political campaign. How could signs reading ROSS FOR GOVERNOR — absent any information about ROSS — motivate a vote? It’s the accumulative effect of these reminders on an individual’s memory that stimulates action.

That is the effect a sustained internal marketing effort can have on growing the productivity of your existing patient base.

Melinda Spitek is CEO of Hycomb Marketing Inc. Hycomb was founded in 1980 for the purpose of helping dentists market their practices. Melinda has had plenty of hands-on experience as well, having worked 23 years in dental offices. For help with marketing, just call Hycomb at (800) 523-6961 or visit www.hycomb.com.

Get More Wisdom Teeth Cases With New IDA Dental Marketing Websites

Dentists can easily set up their new dental marketing websites from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) to attract more wisdom tooth extraction cases.  IDA’s online Control Panel lets dentists choose their site’s focus to create their own source of steady leads.

IDA dental websites are the engines powering its New Patient Marketing Machine™ packages. Doctors have access to their own Control Panel, which is loaded with tools they can choose from to customize their Portals, brand their practice and promote their wisdom tooth removal services.

To help doctors start generating leads from their Portals as quickly as possible, IDA provides an online library of hundreds of ready-made articles.  They have been professionally written and search engine optimized specifically to attract new patients looking for specific dental treatments. The New Patient Portal visitors who find the website because they are searching the internet for information about their own wisdom teeth can read articles like “Why Do Dentists Recommend Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?”, “Learn About Partially Visible Wisdom Teeth” and “What Is a Dry Socket?”

“Our dental websites are designed to use the right keywords to attract the high-value patients that will make your practice thrive,” explains Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. and dental marketing expert.  “When you optimize multiple Web Portals to promote each of your dental practice’s clinical skills, you can maximize the number of targeted leads you generate every month.”

The New Patient Marketing Machine™ Control Panel is designed so that doctors can easily manage multiple Portals from that one dashboard.  With that capability, IDA suggests that dental practices offering multiple services use a separate Portal for each clinical skill for which they want to generate leads.  IDA offers turnkey packages for the top 20 dental markets that are searched for on the internet, including cosmetic dentistry, braces, dentures, dental implants and general dentistry.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

The Wealthy Dentist is a dental marketing and dental management resource featuring dental consulting expert Jim Du Molin. The site’s weekly surveys and dental marketing tips are viewed by thousands of dentists across the United States and Canada. The Wealthy Dentist is a sister company of the Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (www.internetdentalalliance.com). IDA is the largest provider of websites for dentists and dental directories in North America.

Dental Marketing Blog Survey Results: TheWealthyDentist.com Reveals How Dentists Use Social Media

Like many other small business owners, dentists are trying to figure out how social media can be effectively used to find new patients.  Dental marketing blog TheWealthyDentist.com (TWD) ran a survey to find out what’s working for dentists and what’s not.

The article also points out that dental websites are now required tools for successful marketing, and that social networking has now become so common place that it’s becoming a requirement, too. The common stumbling block that dentists and other small businesses face is that there are so many social networking sites to choose from, and selecting the best online social venue is a confusing process.

In addition to knowing which social channels will connect with the most prospective new patients, dentists also find it challenging to come up with content that is effective for lead generation.  The TWD article offers suggestions that span a range of topics from posting about personal interests and involvement in community activities, to promoting specials for dental services.

“Consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the past few years, especially with the growth of social networking sites like Facebook,” explains Jim Du Molin, dental marketing  guru, Editor in Chief of The Wealthy Dentist, and founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “Almost everyone seems to have a Facebook account to keep in touch with friends and family.  Since dentists can have a Facebook page for their practice that connects with their main dental website, that’s a good place to start.”

The post reminds dentists that many other small business owners also find it challenging to implement social media plans that actually result in generating new leads – it’s a sign of the times.  However, it can be approached in a way similar to other dental marketing campaigns by planning, testing and making adjustments to find the methods that work best for each individual business owner.

“Social networking is not a magic button that automatically produces new patients,” adds Du Molin.  “It’s another available online marketing tool that takes some experimentation to find what works best for your practice.”

About TheWealthyDentist.com

Jim Du Molin, Editor in Chief of TheWealthyDentist.com, has been publishing   dental marketing tips, and helping dentists improve their dental practice management, marketing and profits since 1985.  He helps dentists improve their business skills and manage their practices more effectively.  As founder of sister company Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA), Jim helps dentists attract more new patients that fit with their clinical skills to maximize cash flow.  IDA is North America’s largest provider of websites for dentists and online dental marketing plans.  Its New Patient Marketing Machine™ packages include dental directory listings, and customizable dental websites with automatic Facebook page integration and interactive mobile applications.

Front Desk Dental Marketing: New IDA Bonus Training Converts Website Leads

Dental marketing from IDA (Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.) features marketing training for dental teams with video tutorials. The Front Desk Marketing Machine™ includes a series of three tutorials with every Professional or Premium level package.

Topics covered by the three videos in this dental marketing tips series include how to create the practice’s Front Desk Marketing Machine™; phone scripts for handling calls from new patients; and how to organize the front desk team for maximum profitability.

“The number one problem in dental office management is a poorly-trained front desk,” says Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance and a dental consulting expert. “I’ve seen doctors spend tens of thousands of dollars on dental marketing efforts, only to see their return on investment dwindle because the front desk team wasn’t trained, organized or equipped to handle the new patient calls.”

Based on Du Molin’s decades of experience helping dentists create profitable practices, as many as half of potential new patients can be lost at the front desk. So training that team is one of the most effective ways to increase dental practice profitability.

The three-video dental marketing strategy involves no additional capital outlays or expenses. It is designed to educate dentists and team members in the step-by-step methods they can use to convert high-value leads into actual dental appointments. In addition to the videos, the tutorials include sample recordings that demonstrate how to analyze telephone answering techniques; scripts for answering calls; and exact job descriptions for each front desk role.

It makes sense to train the front desk when investing in dental practice marketing campaigns. Generating leads is only half of the marketing equation. The other half is converting those leads into long term patients.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA is the largest provider of dental directories, websites for dentists and online dental marketing tools in North America. In 2012, it completed its unique Lead Fire lead generation system, which automates dental SEO and content marketing. LeadFire technology allows doctors to begin generating new patient leads within minutes of set up. It uses organic geo-targeted local search which is customized and optimized for each dental office. The Internet Dental Alliance provides dental practices with internet dental marketing services such as dental website design and other dental management advice and resources.

IDA Dental Marketing Websites Get New Leads With Tips That Help Dentures Patients

Dental marketing from IDA (Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.) gives doctors access to hundreds of professionally written articles that attract specific kinds of patients to their dental websites. For example, dentures patients. The “Patient Information Center” that’s available in IDA Web Portals can feature articles that answer questions and educate patients about the realities of living with dentures.

According to dental marketing resource TheWealthyDentist.com, five out of six dentists who responded to a survey said that denture patients thought learning to live with their new false teeth would be easier that it was. Of course, it’s important that doctors take time to talk with their patients to set realistic expectations. However, the talks just don’t sink in for many patients. That’s where repetition and more information – in the form of IDA dental website articles – can be helpful for both doctors and patients. And since the articles are available online 24/7, the patients’ family members can read them to be more supportive and realistic, too.

“Setting realistic expectations for any treatment is a crucial part of every dentist’s job — especially when patients are making the transition to dentures for the first time,” says dental management guru Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “IDA New Patient Portals can help with that.”

IDA’s dental marketing tips about using articles to educate difficult cases also pays off in generating new patients. The Web Portal articles result in more search engine optimized web pages that attract more dentures patients looking for information about denture care, cost of dentures, partial dentures and related topics. They also position the practice as the local authority on the topic – which results in higher lead conversions and more word of mouth referrals.

“When you optimize Web Portals using keywords for the high-value patients you want, your websites work 24/7 to add from 5, 10, 15 and even up to 20 new patients to your practice every month – on autopilot!” adds Du Molin.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA is the largest North American provider of websites for dentists, email patient newsletters and dental directories. Known for its cutting-edge approach to dental marketing, it completed development of its advanced LeadFire technology in 2012. LeadFire’s proprietary content generation technology makes it possible for doctors to generate new patient leads within minutes of set up, and uses organic geo-targeted local search, customized and optimized for each dental practice . Internet Dental Alliance provides dental web design, find-a-dentist websites and other dental practice management advice and internet marketing resources.


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