Dentists Disappointed by Dental Graduates

Dental school graduates disappoint dentistsWhen it comes to dental school graduates, only one dentist in two is satisfied. Overall, dentists graded recent dental graduates at about a C+.

Half of survey respondents report that they are “satisfied” (33%) or “very satisfied” (17%). On the other hand, half are “seriously disappointed” (22%) or “mostly unimpressed” (28%).

Here’s what dentists have to say about dental school graduates – both in terms of dental practice management savvy and clinical know-how:

  • “I feel that a lot of the graduates of dental school do not have the work ethic that my group has, and they expect to be making a six figure income straight out of school!!” (Alabama dentist)
  • “Clinical requirements for graduation have been decreasing significantly, and students now are not getting the same education and experience students did 10 years ago.  Most receive little to no dental implant education and little experience with dentures.” (Ohio prosthodontist)
  • “Too many don’t know how to do the procedures required once in practice.  With us old guys being their backup, they continue to work… but as we retire, the skills we teach them are lost to them.”
  • “Texas has three fine dental school with state of the art equipment.” (Texas dentist)
  • “I think it is a shame that some state schools accept an inordinate number of international students over qualified in-state students, frankly because they can charge the former increased tuitions.”

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Friday Random Video: Engagement Happens During College Graduation

Friday Random Video: Engagement Happens During College GraduationLife is made up of many cherished moments. It’s great when you can catch them on video.

Each year, YouTube gets a huge influx of graduation videos from universities across the United States.

Today’s Friday random video by The Wealthy Dentist is offered in honor of all the 2012 dental graduates out there.

The video features graduate Sarah Cooper, who is about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

As the American University School of Public Affairs graduate walked across the stage to accept her diploma, her boyfriend steps forward to propose on stage in front of family and classmates.

It’s a lovely video to surely lift your Friday spirits. Enjoy!

What is your proposal story? Would you have been this brave?

Congratulations to all the dental graduates of 2012!

Dental Graduates Are Not Prepared To Start a Business (video)

Dental Graduates Are Not Prepared To Start a BusinessThe Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists, “Are today’s dental school graduates prepared for the real world?”

Four out of five dentists who responded felt that dental school graduates are unprepared for the business realities of running a dental practice.

One dentist declared, Dental schools routinely produce graduates who believe that they know a great deal more that they really know. They are definitely not ready for private practice!”

Specialists were more likely to approve of the job that dental schools are doing in educating dental students.

Watch the following video to hear more of what dentists had to say about dental schools —

What are your thoughts? Are dental school graduates prepared to run a dental business?

Dentist Job Future Is Bright for Dental Graduates

Dental students face a bright employment future, at least compared to other graduates, according to new numbers from Britain.

Fully 99% of dental graduates were able to find work within six months of graduation. By contrast, only 82% of computer science graduates were able to find employment.

The statistics, collected by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, revealed the highest unemployment rate in a decade for new grads. One in 10 of those who graduated last summer were unable to find a job within six months. The highest rates – 99% – are for dentistry, medical and veterinary students.

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