Dentists Frustrated by the Limitations Dental Boards Put on Dental Marketing (video)

dental boards and advertisingThe purpose of state dental boards is to make sure that dentists stay in line both professionally, clinically and ethically. They make sure dental marketing stays in line too.

The Wealthy Dentist asked dentists if they feel that state dental boards unfairly restrict dental practice marketing. Two out of three dentists said no – dental boards are just protecting the public’s best interest. But one out of three dentists was frustrated by the limitations dental boards put on advertising and other dental marketing efforts.

Watch the Video to hear more of what dentists have to say –

What are your thoughts on state dental boards and dental marketing?

Not All Dentists Comfortable With Broadcast Media (video)

dentists fear broadcast mediaBroadcast media can be an interesting and profitable avenue, but not all dentists are comfortable with radio or TV advertising.

“Even when radio seems to be failing for some, we have continued our success!” boasted one dentist.

“It cheapens the profession,” vented one California dentist. “When was the last time you heard a cardiologist or neurosurgeon advertise?”


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Dentist Insists that Flossing Teeth Is a Waste of Time

Dentist Insists that Flossing Teeth Is a Waste of TimeDentist, Ellie Phillips, has written a tell-all oral health book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, where she shares her oral care expertise and how anyone can achieve a “truly healthy mouth.”

And Phillips shares one controversial tip: She insists that flossing your teeth will do nothing to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

In 2004, a long-term study found that rinsing twice daily with an Antiseptic mouth-rinse like Listerine was as effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis as flossing once daily.

The results were published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA).

Dr. Phillips supports this finding, arguing that rather than flossing, all dental patients need to do is use 3 different types of mouth rinses every day.

“As a liquid solution, Listerine Antiseptic easily flows into these hard to reach areas between teeth and with a microbial action kills the germs that cause plaque and gingivitis.” says Christine Charles, RDH Associate Director, Oral Care Clinical Research at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and one of the leads for two studies comparing the effectiveness of Listerine Antiseptic and flossing.

Dr. Phillips specialty is preventive dental care and her life’s passion is to bring honest oral health education to dental patients. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the New York State Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. She is a graduate of Eastman Dental Center, Rochester, NY with qualifications in pediatric and general dentistry. She is an honorary member of the Eastman Academy, University of London, England. Recently Dr. Phillips was the pediatric outpatient clinic director at the Eastman Dental Center and a faculty member at the University of Rochester.

She states, “I want patients to be able to access the truth about teeth. Health professionals should be tested (like a CPR test) on evidence-based study results that indicate many diagnostic methods are ineffective and that patients can actually “clean” their own teeth with the correct o-t-c- products and avoid treatments.”

“Today we are talking about National Health Care – be careful what you wish for! The UK has had free dental services for over sixty years – and the British are known for the worst teeth in the world. Why? The reason unfortunately lies in the fact that you will receive whatever treatment dentists are paid for.” Dr. Phillips continues, “In the UK, when I graduated, dentists were paid more to take out teeth and heavily fill them than do any preventive work. Many teenagers had dentures given to them as “wedding gifts”. Sadly there are serious general health complications from dental disease and tooth loss.” (Amazon)

Hmm… have you read Dr. Phillips book? What are your thoughts? Do you feel flossing is unnecessary? Could this somehow be a marketing play… for Big Pharma?

Here’s a video with Dr. Phillips explaining her technique —

For more on this story see: Is flossing your teeth a waste of time?

IDA Dental Marketing Websites: Dynamic SEO To Find More Local Patients

The new turnkey Portals (dental websites) from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) feature dynamic search engine optimization (SEO) using IDA’s proprietary LeadFire technology.  Dentists can launch a new Portal to generate geo-targeted leads to target specific local markets in less than 10 minutes.

dental practice marketing websitesTraditional dental advertising using phone books or newspapers doesn’t have the reach it once had, especially in suburbs, small cities or dense urban areas.  Online dental advertising such as Adwords or other pay per click (PPC) tactics can become quite expensive when competition for keywords is high, and the ads disappear if the campaigns are not funded on a frequent basis.  In contrast, IDA’s dynamic SEO   is at work generation leads throughout every month.  And each IDA dental marketing website is optimized with the name of a neighborhood, suburb or city, and is available to be seen 24/7 any time a prospective patient searches online for a dentist using that key geographical term

“Each new IDA New Patient Marketing Machine™ Portal is fully loaded with over 100 dynamic search engine optimized web pages,” says Jim Du Molin, dental marketing expert and founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “Our proprietary LeadFire technology lets dentists target both geographic and dental treatment markets with just a few mouse clicks.”

Using their convenient online Control Panel, doctors can quickly customize their dental websites by choosing from a wide range of different types of web pages that feature profiles of their dental teams, dentist blogs, special offers, a patient Smile Gallery, dental office tours, etc.  IDA also maintains an online library of pre-written articles to stock their Portal’s information center with pages on consumer dental topics such as oral health, implant dentistry, veneers, children’s dental care, dentures, etc.  And all of these pages are automatically optimized for the markets chosen by the dentist.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA is the largest North American provider of websites for dentists and dental directories.   Known for its cutting-edge approach to dental marketing, it completed development of its advanced LeadFire technology in 2012.  LeadFire’s proprietary content generation technology makes it possible for doctors to generate new patient leads within minutes of set up, and uses organic geo-targeted local search, customized and optimized for each dental practice . Internet Dental Alliance provides dental website design, find-a-dentist websites and other dental management advice.

Dentists Work an Average of 35 Hours a Week

Dentists Work an Average of 35 Hours a WeekDentists spend their work time on two very different tasks: treating dental patients and attending to dental practice management.

How much time they spend on each of these tasks determines the number of hours dentists work each week.

The ADA reports that dentists work an average of 35 hours a week and another 3 hours managing their dental practice.

But for some dentists, the economic reality of the last four years has been a harsh wake-up call. “With the new economy, I needed to start opening on Fridays and take what I could get,” wrote one dentist in a The Wealthy Dentist survey.

Other dentists have been forced to reduce their hours as a result of the slow economy. “I’m working 3 days a week due to the recession,” sighed a Canadian dentist. “Hours are not as productive as before the financial crisis,” agreed an Oregon dentist. “Many who have lost their jobs and insurance want a ton of work done before the insurance goes away and want me to finance what the insurance doesn’t pay.”

To hear more of what dentists had to say about the hours they work, Click on Play to watch the following video —


How many hours a week are you working at your dental practice? Has it changed over the last four years?

Leave a comment and let us know.


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