Dentist Learns Dream Dental Equipment Could Be a Nightmare

Dental Equipment Does Not Make the Dental Practice

Remember Dr. James Sparaga, a dentist who’s building a spacious new facility for his practice? Well, we’re back with another installment of the “Sparaga Saga.”

Building Machias Dental
Even in the snow,
work continues!
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Catch up on what the Sparagas have been doing…

Like most dentists, Dr. Sparaga was looking forward to purchasing new dental equipment. He was building the practice of his dreams, and he was going to stock it with his dream equipment.

The dentist was particularly excited about Cerec in-chair system. This would provide amazing computer-integration of the Cerec crown design and milling system with the patient dental chair. Dr. Sparaga couldn’t wait.

Building Machias Dental
The interior
takes shape…
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But he heard reports from the field and from his dental supplier that the equipment was not functioning. He spoke with another dentist who’d purchased two units. This doctor tried for a year straight to get them operational for a year. At one stage, the dental repairman was in his office 80 hours straight! He finally shipped the equipment back to Germany for service. Though his units are now working, he advised Dr. Sparaga to dodge that bullet and not make the purchase.

To fill up their new facility, the Sparagas headed to Yankee Dental Congress in Boston. In 72 crazed hours, they selected all aspects of the dental operatories right down to the handpieces. “The sales reps were grinning from ear to ear every time Jim and I approached,” Kathy Sparaga commented. “It’s amazing how decisive you can be with a gun to your head!”

At long last, the Sparagas are in the final stages of completing their new dental facility. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Creating the Dental Practice of Your Dreams

Raising the Roof on a New Dental Facility

Given that dentists spend a third of their lives in their practices, there’s a lot to be said for having just the right building. That’s just what Dr. James Sparaga decided, and his dream practice is now taking shape before his eyes.

New to this story? Here’s what you need to know:

Construction in northern New England is often determined by the weather. They had broken ground in the fall; it was essential that they make serious progress before winter.

Building Machias Dental Building Machias Dental
The roof goes up…
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before it snows!
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The Sparagas are happy with the progress of their new facility. However, as their calls go unreturned, they grow increasingly concerned about their dental practice design firm.

Will trouble with their design firm derail the whole project? Come back next week for even more news…

Rocks? You Need Rocks? Call Machias Dental for Free Rocks!*

Building Machias Dental
The skeleton is complete!
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* You pay shipping on rocks

Maine Dental Practice Constructs New Facility

If you haven’t been following this story, you’ll want to read my editorial on how Machias Dental is building a new dental practice. You can also read about the costs of construction, and catch up on update #1 and update #2.

Building Machias Dental
There are a lot of rocks in Maine.
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The rocky New England ground didn’t make the job any easier for Dr. Sparaga and his wife, Kathy. However, it was essential that all digging be completed before winter came and the ground froze.

Fortunately, they made the deadline. Digging was completed. The roof took shape.

Next week: further updates on the building’s progress. Will the roof be completed before it snows??

Building a Dental Practice from the Ground Up

The Story of Machias Dental’s New Headquarters Continues

Building a practice from the ground up is no easy task – something that Dr. Sparaga and his wife, Kathy, know quite well. (Read about their plans for a new dental practice building, the finances of construction, and my latest update on their progress.)

The foundation laid, the walls slowly take shape. One can start to see the dental practice taking form amidst the construction equipment.

Building Machias Dental Building Machias Dental
And finally there were walls!
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Getting closer…
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Construction moves along briskly, but not without hiccups. Rains pour down. The hole that marks where the building will stand slowly fills with water. Mud is everywhere. Fortunately, the foundation has already been laid.

When they realize that their dental practice design firm didn’t actually think through all of the details of construction, Kathy Sparaga holds weekly meetings with the contractor and subs. It’s a tremendous amount of work, but what else can they do? The Sparagas know they need to put in the effort if they’re to have the practice of their dreams.

Check back next week for another update!

Dental Practice Construction: One Dentist’s Tale

Machias Dental Sets Out to Build New Headquarters

I’ve been telling you the story of Machias Dental, a practice in Maine that is outgrowing its building. (Catch up on the project overview and the financial considerations.) Dr. James Sparaga has launched an ambitious project to build a brand-new, state-of-the-art dental facility that will feature 7 operatories, 5000 square feet, and the most current technology.

Building Machias DentalFirst up was developing the basic concept for their new practice. “If our building were re-buildable, or bigger as it is, we’d have been happy to stay put with one doctor and four chairs,” the dentist told me. “But the building is coming down around our ears, and that’s what prompts us to build another.”

The Sparagas decided to go big. They would construct a new practice big enough for an associate.

Building Machias Dental
Laying the foundation
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Next, of course, came the logistics of planning. Dr. Sparaga obtained land in return for a dental trade. They spoke with architects and contractors. Blueprints were drawn up. The Sparagas started spending some real money on the project.

Finally, ground was broken. With rain expected in the fall and snow in the winter, timing was critical. Fortunately, the foundation was laid before the rain struck. Whew!

Check in next week for another update!


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