The Famous Dentist With a Secret Stash of Celebrity Patient Teeth

The Famous Dentist With a Secret Stash of Celebrity Patient TeethThis week Dr. Bill Dorfman, the dentist from Extreme Makeover shocked the public with his admission to TMZ cameras that he has a collection of his celebrity patient’s teeth.

If you are a celebrity in LA and you have Dr Dorfman pull your teeth — watch out — they could end up on eBay!

Dorfman told the TMZ cameraman, “I actually save famous people’s teeth when I pull them … I can’t tell you because it’s like patient confidentiality. There have been a few really famous people and I thought one day maybe I could sell this on eBay.”

However, his story quickly changed as news reports surfaced about his statements to TMZ.

In a second interview later in the day, Dr. Dorfman backtracked his story by saying he was “totally joking.”

Below is a video of the original interview. What do you think?

There is nothing illegal about D. Dorfman stockpiling celebrity teeth, but is it ethical, especially if the celebrities in question didn’t know?

The full story: Has This Famous Dentist Secretly Been Stockpiling Celebrity Teeth?

New Dental Marketing Trend: Buying Dead Celebrity Teeth?

New Dental Marketing Trend: Buying Dead Celebrity Teeth -Image Edmonton JournalWhen it comes to dental marketing, can purchasing celebrity teeth bring dentists more dental patients?

It would seem that one dentist may think so.

Canadian dentist Michael Zuk has once again made headlines with his $10,000 purchase of a crown once belonging to Elvis Presley.

The first time this dentist made news was when he paid $31,000 for a rotten tooth that belonged to John Lennon.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the Elvis crown was fashioned by Memphis dentist Henry Weiss for the King, who had a talent for chipping his teeth by banging them against microphones.

The family of the late Dr. Henry Weiss called Dr. Zuk to alert him that they were seeking a buyer for the dental crown after reading how Zuk had previously purchased Lennon’s bicuspid, which the dentist hopes will be recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most money paid for a human tooth.

It would seem that collecting teeth is not the only celebrity obsession Dr. Zuk admits to. In the past, the dentist has also purchased a piece of one of Elvis Presley’s scarves, a lock of Marilyn Monroe’s hair, the signature of Woody Woodpecker cartoonist Walter Lantz, and autographed pictures of musician Gene Simmons and Gilligan’s Island star Bob Denver, reports the Sun.

Zuk displays the items at his dental practice, with the exception of John Lennon’s tooth, which he keeps locked up elsewhere for safety reasons. Dentist Zuk told the Sun, “I don’t trust leaving it around. People steal my newspaper. Anybody who would steal your newspaper would steal one of John Lennon’s teeth.”

It is possible that Dr. Zuk is one brilliant dental marketer.

He once hired the actor who played the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld to do a dental commercial for him, to growl, “No tooth for you!” at the end of his commercial piece.

For more on this story see: Alberta Dentist Proud Owner of the King’s ‘Crown’

Dental Dish: Did Mel Gibson Knock out Girlfriend’s Teeth?

Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva: domestic violence?In January, Oksana Grigorieva – who recently had a child with Mel Gibson – saw a dentist following a fight with the actor.

She claims Gibson punched her twice in the face, giving her a concussion and resulting in the loss of one tooth and the chipping of another.

However, friends of the actor claim the damage was only to Grigorieva’s dental veneers, and that Gibson had nothing to do with the damage to the veneers.  Gibson maintains that he was only trying to protect their child from Grigorieva during the January altercation.

Sources close to the actor claim that Grigorieva made up the story because of ongoing custody battles and/or for financial reasons. Though the couple has been separated for many months, she recently filed a restraining order against Gibson.

I was curious about gossip websites reporting on someone’s medical records, so I turned to HR expert Barbara Freet. “Is there a HIPPA violation in here anywhere?” I asked her.

“Only if she didn’t want the press to know about her teeth,” Barbara replied, “which I assume she most certainly does!”

Read more: Oksana Went Dental, Did Mel Go Mental?

Co-Host of “The View” In Danger of Losing Teeth

Whoopi Goldberg Preaches the Virtues of Dental Care

Whoopi Goldberg, comedienne and co-host of The View, discovered last week during emergency root canal surgery that she could lose her two front teeth as a result of years of poor dental care. As a result, she’s urging people to take care of their dental hygiene.

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The Difference Between British and American Teeth

Stereotypes say that UK teeth are brown and US teeth glow in the dark. Can you tell which celebrity smiles are American and which are British?
(Answers at end of article.

We may speak the same language (more or less), but there’s no doubt that there are lots of differences between Americans and Britons. The British all have crooked brown teeth, and the Americans all have over-bleached teeth that look like dentures. At least, that’s what the stereotypes say…

The BBC examined this phenomenon in a recent article on British vs. American teeth. Ricky Gervais, British star of the new movie Ghost Town, recounted how one American reporter assumed he wore false teeth for his role in the film. “He was horrified that I could have such horrible real teeth,” said Gervais. “It’s like the biggest difference between the Brits and the Americans, they are obsessed with perfect teeth.”

To those of us in the US, bad British teeth are a running joke. Mike Myers sported terrible false teeth for his role as Austin Powers, a British character. On The Simpsons, the town dentist scares children with his copy of “The Big Book of British Smiles.” There’s even a blog devoted to British teeth.

But Americans may be surprised to learn that the British mock us for our teeth as well. To them, our smiles are distractingly uniform and offensively white. “To me a row of perfect white teeth just says ‘American woman.’ Give me the natural look any day,” wrote one British man in response to the story. “Such teeth are as bad as an obvious facelift or oversized breast augmentation,” agreed an American cosmetic dentist.

So let’s review these celebrity smiles…

  1. Brad Pitt, USA
    His teeth are one of the most requested at US cosmetic dentists.
  2. Julia Roberts, USA
    Americans also request her teeth when getting dental makeovers.
  3. Queen Elizabeth, UK
    The monarch sports an appropriately British smile.
  4. Prince Charles, UK
    He also shows his British pride through his teeth.
  5. Johnny Depp, USA
    The actor wore pirate veneers for over a year while filming Pirates of the Caribbean.
  6. Ricky Gervais, UK
    No false teeth for him; they are the genuine article.
  7. Amy Winehouse, UK
    The singer’s smile is definitely not standard-issue American starlet.
  8. Barack Obama, USA
    Dentists across the political spectrum praise the presidential candidate’s teeth.

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