How An Obama Presidency Will Affect Dentists

What do you think the presidential election is going to mean for dentists and dental practices? Though many dentists tend to vote conservatively, others are excited for a more liberal administration. Share your thoughts before Jim Du Molin weighs in…

Potato Heads: Barack Obama and Sarah Palin (Video)

As a dentist – You’ve got to see this!

After a 770 point drop in the market yesterday, we were able to get a joint statement from Barack and Sarah on the Federal Bailout Program.

Dentists Say McCain Would Be Better for Dentistry

McCain More Dentist-Friendly Than Obama (Survey)

In this survey, we asked dentists which presidential candidate would be better for dentistry. Dentists trend Republican, and the outcome of this poll was no exception.

Two out of three dentists surveyed said John McCain would be a better president for dentists. One in six favored Obama, and the remaining one in six said there would be no difference between the two.

Because of his sensational smile, Obama would give cosmetic dentistry a boost by being President,” said a Georgia dentist.

Here are some additional comments from dentists:

  • “Due to higher taxes by Obama, there will be less money to spend on dentistry.” (Louisiana dentist)
  • “God forbid Obama gets in… socialized healthcare, here we come!!” (Arizona dentist)
  • “Obama is a classic Robin Hood Democrat: Tax the people who work to create wealth, and redistribute it to the masses who don’t.” (Florida dentist)
  • “An Obama presidency would be better for the country, and therefore better for dentists.” (California orthodontist)
  • “The last thing I need is higher taxes.” (California periodontist)
  • “Truly, neither one will be good, since the Democrats in Congress will call the
    shots and ram healthcare down our throats.” (New York dentist)

Post your own thoughts on the presidential election or read the candidates and dentistry survey results

Joe Biden Has Most Exciting Trip to Dentist’s Ever!

“Excuse Me, Dentist, Just Let Me Take This Call from Barack Obama”

It was quite possibly the single most important telephone call of Joe Biden’s life: Barrack Obama officially asked him to run for VP.

But wouldn’t you know it… Biden was at the dentist’s office when the call came in.

Biden’s wife was getting a root canal, and her dutiful husband was sitting patiently in the waiting room. Though it was originally reported that Biden himself was having dental work done, he did not actually have to accept Obama’s offer through a numb and cotton-filled mouth.

Read more

Barack’s Teeth Are Stunning

But Are They Stunning Enough?

In a recent Wealthy Dentist poll, we asked who you’d rather see sitting in the White House – Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Sorry, Hill, but three-quarters of the dentists we polled said they’d prefer Barack. But a poll at the recent Chicago Dental Society meeting may reveal just why dentists like Obama so much – because of his beautiful smile!

In a landslide victory, over half of the dentists polled said Obama had the best teeth of any Illinois politician. Now, whether or not his teeth are perfect enough to get him elected – that’s another story!


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