General Dentists Wonder if ADA Represents Them (video)

ADA: general dentists feel it's dominated by dental specialistsWe asked dentists if the American Dental Association (ADA) is dominated by specialists who are trying to promote their own agendas and not necessarily the welfare of the general dentist.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said, “Yes! Specialists and their associations are using the ADA so they can make more money – at the expense of general dentists, of course.”

A number of general dentists are still upset with the ADA over the organization’s stance on sedation dentistry.

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Dentists Ready for a Dental Union

Dentists ready to abandon American Dental AssociationHalf of dentists are ready for the profession to form a dental union, according to this dental survey.

Feeling squeezed by dental insurance companies and abandoned by the American Dental Association, many dentists are ready for a union of dentists. (One dentist even volunteered to organize it!)

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Dentists Quitting ADA Due to Political Differences

ADA and dentists' opinionsIn this survey, we asked dentists if political disagreements or other differences of opinion had caused them to quite the ADA or their local dental association. One quarter of dentists (26%) report that they have quit the ADA or another organization.

General dentists were twice as likely as specialists to have quite the ADA (28% as compared to 14%). However, two thirds of both groups say they are card-carrying members of the ADA.

“I have thought of quitting several times over the past 35 years,” wrote one dentist. “The arrogance of ADA leadership is often hard for me to live with. All of the time and money spent on the ADA headquarters building in Chicago, and yet no meaningful results in the area of universal licensure, is beyond outrageous.”

What else did dentists have to say? Here’s a sampling…

  • “The best money you can invest in OUR profession. Non-members get nearly all the benefits without having to pay, I consider part of my dues a hand-out to those poor souls. Hopefully their electric company, phone company and dental suppliers are providing them something for nothing too.” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “The ADA is a self-serving, Old School, good-old boys-network that has done NOTHING to educate the public of modern advances in dentistry, which is why I quit many years ago.” (North Carolina dentist)
  • “It’s a lot of money for just a magazine subscription.” (Virginia dentist)
  • “Without ADA advocacy efforts, dentistry would be in the same sad shape as medicine.” (Ohio dentist)
  • “In California you are pretty much forced to join to get the insurance benefits. Otherwise I would quit.” (California dentist)
  • “Why would anyone not be a member? The ADA is the voice of dentistry in all political arenas. We can do more collectively than we can individually.” (Kentucky dentist)
  • “I quit my local society. They wanted to use our dues for booze, and only supported hygiene scholarships in their county, and not mine.” (General dentist)

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Dentist Attitudes Towards the ADA (video)

Dentist attitudes toward the ADADentist opinions about the American Dental Association span the gamut.

In this survey, 48% of dentist respondents said the ADA is an accurate representation of dentists, while 52% feel the ADA is a tool for specialists to maintain the status quo.

“Apparently, from this sedation dentistry debacle the ADA has no problem limiting ‘Access to Care,’ which I actually thought they cared about. I say we have fools for representatives,” scoffed one dentist. Agreed another, “They are trying to limit our ability to perform oral conscious sedation, and I think that is a tragedy for our patients!”

One dentist offered this straightforward advice: “ADA should be marketing dentistry like the Milk Foundation does the ‘Got Milk’ campaign. Couldn’t tell you a thing that they do that is positive for dentists.”

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Dentist Feels the ADA Has Become the Enemy of the General Dentist (video)

ADA has Become the Enemy of the General DentistThe American Dental Association is dentistry’s largest professional organization, but not all dentists feel that the ADA represents their interests.

One Missouri dentist declared, “The ADA has actually become the enemy of the general dentist!”

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking dentists if the ADA is dominated by specialists who are trying to promote their own agenda over the welfare of the general dentist.

Almost two thirds of the respondents felt specialists are using the ADA so that they can make money at the expense of  general dentists.

Watch the video below to hear more of what both dentists and specialists have to say about the ADA –

General dentists were eight times more likely to criticize the ADA over specialists.

How do you feel about the ADA?


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