Dental Website Marketing Truth #4

9 Truths – Video #4 Release Notification

The important thing to get from segment #4 is to give your Internet visitor exactly what they are searching for. If they are searching for dental implants in Goliad, TX, then deliver them specific information, starting on page 1 about Implant Dentistry and then give them clear links to more detailed implant information.

Show them your credentials in your personal “Meet-the-Doctor” page, and of course give them detailed directions to your practice on your Map & Hours Page.

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Jim Du Molin

Multiple Dental Websites: Dental Marketing Truths

Nine Truths Video #3 Posted!

Dental Practice Marketing: Multiple Website Strategy

In today’s turbulent marketplace, middle and upper middle class consumers – families earning up to $175,000 a year – are being asked to make decisions about their economic priorities. They are confused and concerned. Out of necessity, they are also staying close to home due to high gas prices.

As dental consumers are forced to make serious health care spending decisions, they are going to focus on the geographic proximity of providers and which specific service they are looking for.

In segment #3 of our 9 Truths series, we are going to start with “Proximity” – how to determine your Geographic Dental Market.  For “Specificity,” we are going to discuss how to use multiple websites to target different high-value dental patient types like Cosmetic, Implant, Orthodontic and of course all the dental specialty patient markets.

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9 Truths of Dental Marketing

Who Wants a Dental Website at the Top of Google, MSN & Yahoo?

Nine Truths Video #2 Has Been Posted!

Dental website marketing starts with search engine positioning or what is often called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for short.  This goes back to the old real estate adage that location is everything. And first page ranking for your local dental practice website is the best start to using the Internet for marketing high-value new patients.

Jim Du Molin

Nine Truths Video #1 Has Been Posted!

Bad News…

Wow! I thought our Internet servers were going to melt down when thousands of doctors hit our 9 Truths Introduction video yesterday. I apologize for any delays you may have experienced in loading and viewing the video. If you were unable to access the web page, go to:

The 9 Truths of Dental Marketing

The good news is that the first video in the series has been posted! It talks about how to lay out the six primary goals of an outrageously great dental marketing plan. Enjoy!

Jim Du Molin

The Truth about What’s Happening in Dentistry

What You Can Do To Protect Your Dental Practice!

Today gas price are at over $4.00 a gallon in most of the country. The stock market recently lost almost 400 points in a single day. This summer, the value of the American dollar has dropped to historic lows against foreign currency. And an ounce of gold has risen to almost $1,000.

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On top of this, we have a barrel of oil going for over a hundred dollars. Great swaths of the most productive farm land in the Midwest have been submerged by record flooding. And to top that off, politicians on both sides of the aisle are trying to tell us we are not facing major inflation or a recession. Who do they think they’re kidding?

I’m Jim Du Molin, editor of newsletter. For over 20 years, my wife Suzanne and I have worked as dental management, marketing and financial advisors with hundreds of doctors and their spouses. We have spoken to thousands of dentists and their teams for almost every major dental association in North America.

Our job in dentistry has been to build wealth and financial security for our clients and friends. Our philosophy is that Profit is the Natural Result of Doing What’s Right for Your Patients. We are retired now from active practice management, so don’t worry: this message isn’t about selling you anything.

This message is to alert you to what for many could be a major slow down in dentistry. For the last ten years, I’ve work on the Internet. Many of you know I’m the founder of the Internet Dental Alliance. I have a passion for understanding the Internet and how to use it to market for new dental patients.

Every month we track up to a thousand phrases consumers use to search for dental information and dentists — phrases like Find a Dentist, Braces, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Family Dentist and Sedation Dentistry. And what we have found is that the number of consumer searches for many of these terms has DROPPED over the past year.

That, my friend, is a major indicator that the dental boom we have all participated in for the last eight years is coming to an end. It is the real-life manifestation of rising gas prices, rising food prices and the rising specter of inflation.

The problem is that dentistry is a discretionary service in the consumer’s mind. It can be delayed, postponed and put off… at least until it becomes too painful. Then it becomes an emergency.

For the last few months, my email box has been swamped with doctors talking about phones not ringing, open schedules and empty operatories. Many of our old dental management and marketing clients have asked us if we can help them through what looks to be the perfect dental storm.

As I’ve said, we are retired. Still, I have to admit I’m as frustrated as you are at what we see happening. So, I talked it over with Suzanne, and we decided to review our video training files for ideas that could help doctors generate more new patient appointment requests NOW!

The result is our 9 Truths series. These video segments were clipped from our Internet Dental Alliance Members’ Insider Guide to Internet Marketing. They range in length from as little as 2 minutes to up to 7 minutes, depending on the topic.

Why Internet marketing?

First, there are still a lot of myths about dental marketing on the internet that need to be dispelled. Second, the Internet is the one place you can still generate high-quality new patients quickly and at a reasonable cost.

And the cost of this training series to you is nothing. None. No-cost. They’re yours at no charge. Our only hope is that they will help you weather the turbulence of the coming months.

To receive the complete series, just enter your first name and email address in the registration box to the right of this video. We will email a link to each video as they are released every few days over the upcoming weeks.

And please remember: “Profit is the Natural Result of Doing What’s Right for Your Patients.”

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