Dentists Like Dental Lasers To Fight Gum Disease (video)

Dental lasers help dentists fight gum diseaseThree out of four dentists who have purchased a dental laser said in our survey that they have been satisfied with it. Only 25% have been disappointed by the performance of their dental laser.

Lasers can be used on more than just teeth and gums; they can also be used for facial cosmetic treatments. Of dentists who have a laser, half of them report that they offer such cosmetic skin services. The other half do not use their lasers in that manner.

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  • Now I that you have other options too like Laser dentistry, CEREC 1 day crowns and porcelain fillings (not plastics). My dentist at the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry was able to use the laser to do my dental work with the advantages of basically no pain, and on one of my teeth they didn’t even need to use a shoot to get me numb and I had a shorter and more comfortable recovery. You can use it on your gums to take away a gummy smile or for an infected area and they say you can have that a dreaded root canal treated with the laser! WOW! They have the latest in laser technology by using minimally invasive treatment of an infected tooth. And better yet, they used/made me a CEREC restorations which is a SAME DAY all porcelain crown. Same day! It did not contain any metal, which makes it look good too! I was able to get everything done in one day (didn’t have to take off work again to come back and get the final crown!) I would really recommend this dentistry office for adults AND children!

  • I did not have the opportunity to vote on this survey though, I can say that after using the Periolase for over 4 years it has been the best decision of my 22 years of being a dentist. Oh and don’t be fooled by a slick salesman saying their laser can do Perio only the periolase has FDA clearance to reverse gum disease. Ask them to show you the science. Human histology would be preferable.

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