Mercury Safety Issues Include Dental Professionals, Flu Vaccine

Mercury safety: dental fillings, flu vaccinesLast week’s “cash for amalgam” article brought in lots of comments.

“Let’s be clear, the classification (Class II) assigned implies increased risk, though the contention is that it is as safe as it has always been believed to be?” asked one commenter.

Indeed, it’s a complicated issue. Let’s review a few of the big questions surrounding mercury:

  • Are amalgam fillings bad for patients?
  • Does amalgam threaten the health of dental professionals?
  • What about the presence of mercury in vaccines, particularly the H1N1 vaccine?

Allow me to discuss these one at a time.

What about the presence of mercury in vaccines, particularly the H1N1 vaccine?

Frankly, the FDA is in a Catch 22 situation on this issue. I think the logic is that, since H1N1 is likely to kill more of us quicker than mercury fillings, the FDA should say mercury is safe in vaccinations and only marginally unsafe in dental fillings.

“This genocidal reaction of the FDA pertains to vaccination mercury, and their certification of this toxic ingredient in the flu vaccines in particular. They could not outlaw mercury amalgams and at the same time advance and encourage ‘fast-tracked’ mercury poisoning using thimerosal in the H1N1 and season flu (and other) vaccines.”
– Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Are amalgam fillings bad for patients?

I’m an authority on many subjects, but does anyone really think that a dental management consultant is the right person to answer this question?

Does amalgam threaten the health of dental professionals?

Obviously consumer safety is a top concern, but dentists have to also consider if there me be any negative impacts to the health of everyone who works at the practice.

Dental personnel are being injured. There are case controlled studies of women in dentistry rendered infertile from occupational exposure.”
– Dr. David Kennedy

Dr. Tom McGuire, founder of the International Association of Mercury Free Dentists, told me, “I’ve no doubt that amalgam fillings will be banned in the near future, either by government regulation or by a class action lawsuit. But regardless of whether or not they are banned, or whether or not they are a health hazard, it will still be important for dentists to make their practices mercury safe… and as quickly as possible.”

He’ll be conducting a seminar about “How to Practice Mercury Safe Dentistry” in San Francisco on September 26th and in Portland on October 10th. “As I tell patients, you have to have the information to be able to make an informed choice. Some dentists have made this so emotional that it is like religion or politics.

Indeed, it is a lot like religion or politics, with people preaching zealously from both sides. Whew!

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