Dental Marketing: Dentists Know It’s Part of the Job (Video)

Dental marketing is part of a dentist's job.When dentists were asked if dental marketing is part of their job as a dentist in this survey, many complained of what a pain dental practice marketing can be.

Nonetheless, 95% of respondents acknowledge that they won’t get to practice dentistry if they can’t run a successful business. Only 5% maintain that their job is to fix people’s teeth and improve oral health — you know, root canals and dental implanst and braces and all that.

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  • marketing can be fun too if done right
    what stratergies do you have for a new practice ?

  • I’m going to build the finest store imaginable and carry the best products available anywhere; though you probably won’t come shop at my store because I’m not going to advertise at all; I’m a store owner, not a marketer; good luck finding me and my wonderful products.

    Who would say that? It’d be business suicide not to advertise.

    Dentists should excel at dentistry but there’s also a powerful marketing tool at their disposal; it’s called Internet dental marketing! Many of our clients are acquiring 5-20 new patients a month from their websites + SEO. The ROI from SEO is unbeatable.

    John Barremore
    Houston, TX

  • At the present it is very necessary to have a proper marketing strategy to run any business and it is true for dental practice also. The video is nice. Great creation. Thanks a lot.

  • Any other marketing tips beside SEO? Are brochures working?

  • @nadim, the biggest marketing strategy is the up and coming social media strategy. It’s important to get “in the scene” with a website, but to gain friends and followers who know and trust you, social media is a field to work with.

    (visit this site if you’re interested,


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