Dentist Ready to Drop ADA for a New Dental Union

Dental management: Dentists want to drop ADA and dental insurance, form a new dental unionHalf of dentists are ready for the profession to unionize, according to this survey.

Feeling trapped by dental insurance and abandoned by the American Dental Association, many dentists are ready for a dental union. (One dentist even volunteered to organize it!)

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  • Stanley Sokolow DDS

    This is a silly proposal. Most dentists are self-employed or quasi-self-employed being employees of their own dental corporation. For those dentists, union membership does not get them any bargaining power through a union. Attempts by independent dentists to collude against insurance companies violate anti-trust laws, even if they call themselves a union. Unionization of dentists who are legitimately employees of some other business entity can unionize and collectively bargain. In fact, there is a union that has been doing that for decades: The union of American Physicians and Dentists. See .

  • We dentists are unionized. It’s called a license. IMHO licensing, credentialing, certifications, etc are huge impediments to health care reform, prosperity in our industry and universal dental health (not “care”).

    1) Eliminate, “Fee-for-Service”.

    2) Strike down state laws restricting health care practice AND insurance as an unnecessary restraints of trade no longer in the public interest.

    3) And…, the doctor needs a boss.


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