Dental Management, Marketing, and the Virtues of Capitalism

Dental management and financesI believe in dental management, dental websites, dental marketing, and capitalism. Listen, folks – this website is called The Wealthy Dentist, not the Poor Socialized Medicine Dentist!

My article last week about taxing small businesses to pay for health care reform brought in plenty of comments. And since the President’s still talking about a national health plan, I thought I’d keep preaching the gospel of capitalism.

Here’s a comment from one reader:

“I believe that if the proposed health plan works the way it is proposed; most of your readers would get some relief from the onerous health insurance premiums they are now paying for themselves and their staff.”

I won’t argue that some insurance premiums are indeed onerous. But if you think the proposed plan will really turn out like its proponents hope, then you’ve got more faith in the government than I have.

Another reader stood up for me:

“Did you hear the the seething distain directed at this gentleman for his success? Listen up people. You can’t create wealth by dividing it. You create wealth by giving people a motivation to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Part of being free is the freedom to make choices for yourself that lead to different economic outcomes.”

Why should I be put in the position of defending my success? My wife and I have done quite well for ourselves. Like most of the doctors we work with,we’ve done it the old-fashioned way: we’ve earned it.

For over 20 years, my wife and I have taught practice management and personal financial planning to dentist clients. Following the same rules we taught our doctors, we’ve amassed a healthy portfolio.

There was no inheritance, no lottery winnings. My father sold magazine subscriptions door-to-door. The kids in the family worked their way through college. Just like most doctors, we worked hard.

Just like most doctors, we invested our savings in our business. And like most doctors, we have shared the pain of this recession.

But we’re still going strong – in no small part because of the people dependent on our small business. In our case, nearly 30 people rely on our company to keep their families clothed and fed.

Nationally, small businesses – like ours, like your dental practice – are being asked to carry the burden of health care reform. What too many people don’t seem to realize is that too much taxation and regulation on the “Wealthy” will kill small businesses, which are such an essential part of our economy.

The American story is one of success and the ability of all people to achieve it. I do take exception to those whose criticize others for their success, because it is that entrepreneurial success that has brought America to the level of affluence we’ve achieved today.

In short, if you have a problem with capitalism, then you probably are not a wealthy dentist and have little chance of becoming one… in which case, you are definitely on the wrong website!

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