Smoking Teeth Doesn’t Get You High


Do Burning Teeth Release Poison Mercury Gas?

Ah, YouTube… what else could possibly be worth $1.65 billion? Any adolescent can tell you that you can find anything —anything — on YouTube. There are a few real gems out there, along with a whole lot of duds. After the controversy over our amalgam survey (one man told me that “any dentist who places amalgam fillings is a MURDERER”), I’m just going to let you decide how to categorize the following video.

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas is a production of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). The alarming video shows a recently-extracted tooth with an amalgam filling, dipped in water and heated to body temperature. Mercury vapors can be seen escaping against the phosphorescent background.

“All mercury silver fillings leak substantial amounts of mercury constantly. The amount increases with any kind of stimulation,” declares the video. Even more vapor is released when the tooth is heated to “coffee temperature,” rubbed to simulate general dental care, and scraped to simulate drilling. The 10-minute video goes on to discuss research in sheep and monkeys, and it touches on the possibility of passing on toxic mercury to one’s unborn children.

The IAOMT claims that this “dramatic video of mercury vapor outgassing from an amalgam dental filling has outraged the world since it was first demonstrated in 1995.” Indeed, a number of alarmed YouTube viewers announced their intention to immediately have all their amalgam fillings removed.

But not everybody’s so quick to believe. A skeptical viewer wonders why the so-called “mercury” vapor rises when mercury is heavier than air; in fact, one doctor has posted his “proof” of why the video’s a sham: He claims we’re not seeing mercury vapor at all, merely water.

What do you think of this controversial video? Post your comments below!

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