Dental Management: Health Care Reform Is Your Problem Too

Health care reform taxesWe’ve been talking about how health care reform could spread to dentistry, and we’ve learned that dentists are almost totally opposed to any sort of universal dental care plan in the U.S.

Most doctors feel nationalized dental care would lead to higher bureaucratic costs and a lower standard of care.

But that’s not the only threat on the health care horizon. The proposed health care reforms will have a dramatic effect on small business owners… that’s you, doctor.

It’s time to get ready for a tax increase…

They’ve proposed paying for health care changes by essentially putting a surcharge of anywhere from 1% up to about 5.4% on your personal income. Plus, Congress is looking at increasing your taxable base for Social Security.

Are you making $300K? Then your taxes will go up. Do you and your spouse pull in $1M a year? Then prepare for up to a 5.4% tax increase just to pay for other people’s health care. And the House Democrat plan would also impose a penalty of 8% of payroll if employers do not offer health insurance.

And the more successful you are, the more you’re penalized for growing your business and employing people. Believe me, I feel your pain, because I’m in the same boat myself.

This weekend, my wife Suzanne and I sat down to do a little financial planning. Between federal and state taxes (we live in the bankrupt state of California), we predict we’re going to be paying an extra 10%.

It seems to me that the American dream isn’t what it used to be. It’s getting to where the only way to make it in America is to make it BIG – that is, you’re 120% successful, or else you’re squeezed into the middle class – which won’t be what it used to be.

When people say we should “tax the rich,” I know they’re talking about me and Suzanne and other entrepreneurs like us. We’re proud of our small business. We employ a number of people, and we’ve been doing well enough that we’ve even been hiring during the recession.

But why should we go through all this work to expand our company when we’re going to be penalized 10%? I’ll tell you, folks – sometimes numbers like that make it hard to stay motivated!

What do you think? Here are some highlights from other dentists’ comments:

  • “It is really very simple—no one values what they do not have to pay for personally.” (Dr. Julian Gray, DDS)
  • “How will the young graduates of U.S. dental programs be able to pay back their educational loans if we are under a socialized health care state? Will the dental education become free under Obama’s plan?” (Dr. Mark Collins, DDS)
  • “What in the world happened to our country? Where are private property, liberty, and pursuit of happiness in this ‘Atlas Shrugged’ world the leftists are trying to create? Why does the growing entitlement class created by Democrats think they are entitled to my life’s work and energy? I feel like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes! Good God, what are they doing to our country!?” (Denver doctor)

About Jim Du Molin

+Jim Du Molin is a leading Internet marketing expert for dentists in North America. He has helped hundreds of doctors make more money in their practices using his proven Internet marketing techniques.

  • About 10 years ago, Mayland Senator Barbara Mikulski was video interviewed. She said, “WE NEED TO TAKE FROM THEM THAT HAVE AND GIVE TO THEM THAT DON’T”. I have not seen a replay of that specific video segment. But, I have seen the principal grow into a giant socialist-band-wagon monster that we now face, in the last 6 months. We face a grave situation and a deadlier monster if dentistry is attached to the health care bill-with mandates requiring participation. God help us all!

  • J. Wang, DDS

    I remember 15 years ago when the Clintons tried to do
    Univeral healthcare; I saw so many empty medical
    offices in my neighborhood!!!!! Let hope it
    does not come to that again. At least if they want
    to reform the healthcare; they should reform the
    the legal system ,so no more nonsense lawsuits to
    allow us to do mediocre jobs for the volume fees!
    Or we might as well close our private office and
    go work for Fed.

  • Gordon Rye

    I answered questions for a Democratic polster. I required she answer just two questions: 1)Which party represents this philosophy: “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.” Her reply: “Democrats, of course!” and 2)Do you know who said this? “No.” My answer, “Karl Marx”, left her speechless.

  • Daniel Gewartowski

    Dear Jim,
    While I am very happy that you and your wife are making a million dollars a year, less than 5% of the dentists in this country make more than $300,000 a year. I can’t help but wonder why it is that most of the readers of your website, who statistically would have to be somewhere in the lower 95%, get so excited about you having to pay more tax when they themselves are not burdened with the same problem. In fact, I believe that if the proposed health plan works the way it is proposed; most of your readers would get some relief from the onerous health insurance premiums they are now paying for themselves and their staffs. I think there is also a possibility that if the general public gets some relief some their medical expenses, they might even send more of their health care dollars on dentistry. I am reminded of a survey I saw several years ago that showed that 25% of Americans believe that they are in the top 5% of wage earners and another 25% believe that while they are not now, they will at some time be in the top 5%. When I read this survey for the first time, it immediately clarified for me how it is that Amway stays in business. I think that America can no longer afford to believe that the sky is the limit. There is a finite limit to the number of people that can be in the top 5%.

  • Charles T.

    The only moral socio-economic system is free-market capitalism. It is the only system that recognizes and respects the rights of individuals. I am no one’s slave, and I reject anyone’s assertion that they have the right to tax and/or regulate my business dealings. It is immoral, and until that fact is enshrined in our Constitution, our gov’t will continue to wrap its tentacles around us, enslave us, and impoverish us. All of us, that is, except those who manage to gain the seats of power: the Gov’t themselves.

  • Mel Thaler

    It lloks like you are doing very well. So are many of us but if you are not providing full medical and dental insurance for your staff you are part of the problem. Any one doing as well as we are deserves to be severly taxed if they dont provde a living wage and the best benifits available. If our staff cant afford our services then who can?

  • Tim

    Wow, all these rich dentists and doctors crying about losing some money when the truth is they would step over any one of us as we die to get to the person with insurance. It seems to me that nobody cares about the health of a person who is poor because they cant get rich off them. Like it or not it is going to happen and all these rich whiners should change professions if they cant handle it because the health of the people is more important than their pocket.

  • Carol Thompson

    Wow, some of these posts are a perfiect example of the class envy taking hold in America. Did you hear the the seething distain directed at this gentleman for his success. Listen up people. You can’t create wealth by dividing it. You create wealth by giving people a motivation to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Part of being free is the freedom to make choices for yourself that lead to different economic outcomes. Perhaps you dentists that are so judgemental of the ultra successful ones were too afraid to start your own practice. Maybe you have been going home at 5:00 every day while other dentists stay an manage their practice, work on their marketing etc. Maybe your wife plays tennis all day while other’s wives work to build the practice. Maybe you didn’t want to take the risk of opening your own practice and work as an associate instead. Or maybe you own your own practice, but haven’t been willing to risk the dollars necessary to do heavy marketing. All dentists start out on an equal playing field. If the gentleman who wrote this article makes 1M a year and you don’t, then it is because he worked harder and took more risk to build his practice than you did. Why should you get some of his profit. Also, regarding the insinuation that it is wrong for a dentist to make a million dollars and not be treating his staff like royalty. Front Desk girls and assistants had the same FREEDOM that I mentioned above to make choices for themselves. The must have chosed not to go to college. That was their choice, but the consequence of that choice is that they will make fair market value for their services which is around $20 bucks an hour here in Texas. All other benefits are offered to attract and retain the best staff possible. Most great practices are smart enough to offer good benefits because it helps them attract the best talent which in turn makes them more successful.

    I am shocked at the growing sentiment in America that profit is a dirty word. I just heard Obama last week criticizin insurance companies for making a profit. News Flash people. If companies don’t make a profit, they go out of business. The whole point is to make a profit.

    Another point for all of you people who are ignorant of the basic principles of capitalism. YOU CAN’T TAX A BUSINESS!!! They will either raise their prices, cut the salary of their staff, trim benefits or lay people off. Last year, we got hit with a new tax and all we did was raise our fees 10%. While it makes politicians look good to their dumb democratric constituents, taxing a business merely is window dressing. The cost will get immedietely passed on to the consumer. But I guess if it makes you all feel good that you are stickiing it to the man, then so be it. Just be aware aware that you are the man.
    I hope the dentist that wrote this does 1.5 million next year.

  • G. Sheppard

    I am a dentist.

    I am a dentist because I was lucky enough to be born to parents who cared that I did well in school.

    I am a dentist because I was lucky enough to be born to parents had the money to send me to college.

    I am a dentist because I was lucky enough to be born a white male, at a time when white males made up 95% of the classes at dental school.

    I am a dentist because the US Government gave me student loans for dental school at 3% interest when the interest rate in the private sector was 21%.

    I am a dentist because the government divided the wealth of others so that I could have the subsidies that made my education possible. I have taken that divided wealth I received and repaid it many times over, both through the taxes I pay and the people I employ.

    I am a dentist who does not mind paying taxes, because I would not be where I am today were it not for the government.

    I am a dentist who is where I am today because of a combination of skill, motivation, and – mostly – luck. Not because of some inherent superiority.

    I am a dentist, but not a greedy one.

  • I can see how higher taxes for wealthier entrepreneurs would diminish dental care. Successful dental entrepreneurs would just not have as much motivation.

    The other side of the coin that has not been much mentioned here is how the actual bill would reduce the level of dental care in the country. I mean, has anyone seen in the 1000+ page bill how dental services will change?


  • Natasha R.

    I completely agree with Carl Thompson’s response.
    I am a female who did not have parents who paid for one cent of my education. I worked hard to get to where I am. I worked as a front office manager in a dental office and realized that it was not enough. But my hard work alone got me into a prestigious dental school where I took out all the necessary loans to pay for my education. Does the health care bill take in to account how expensive my education was to get me where I am? I doubt it.. Why should the fruits of my labor be handed down to someone who chose to take an easier road? It shouldn’t.

  • Mike

    I think that G. Sheppard is not a dentist.

  • Hippocratic Oath

    Relax … we all have loans and if you truly are a doctor first and a self serving business man/woman second then you will accept/adapt to what is best for the majority of your patient base … This website “the wealthy dentist” is why the profession is looked down upon by other health care providers … all this website qualifies for is a way for delusional individuals to justify their complaints for not having enough! I would be ashamed to be a part of this group

  • Any of you dentists who don’t mind working hard just to let someone confiscate your money- you can come work for me!
    I just returned from China, where they explained that the prosperity of recent years came from a change to a modest gov’t. share of a base percentage, and any surplus, the worker or farmer could keep 100%. Sort of a reverse progressive tax. Suddenly, the harder you worked, the MORE you were rewarded. This is the opposite of the old communist model (the one we are adopting).

  • rum

    not sure if anyone will still read this but g sheppard needs to get an education. start with the “road to serfdom”. finish with “atlas shrugged”. you couldn’t be more wrong about how things work..move to cuba for a few years and tell me how their dental care is (maybe you could treat michael moore). you are wrong on so many levels its hard to tell you where to start but remember this…a government that can provide everything can take everything away”. and to tim…go fcuk me a doctor that doesn’t care…your comment is total is bs.

  • Allison

    Of course Dentists are apposed to being included in the health care reform… If I were a dentist, I would be opposed to it as well. But, I’m not…
    Dentists are the least sued medical providers of all. Their training is far less grueling than any other, education costs less. lifestyle remains superior with virtually zero medical emergencies, no weekends, holidays, or graveyard shifts. Dentists are not required to treat anyone without insurance, who is unable to pay for services.
    So why is it, that a root canal costs upwards of $1500. Think about it… Root canal therapy requires three, 1 hour visits. That’s $500 per hour!!!! The office receptionist doesn’t make that much in a week! Nor does a dental assistant make that much in a week… Its ridiculous!
    Dentists have gotten away with murder for way too long.

  • Danny

    Wow Allison!
    Get your facts straight before the ad hominem attacks. 1500.00 for a root canal. you need to switch providers. 3 1hr appointments…you need to see if he/she actually graduated. As for no emergencies…you’re living in a dream world. There are greedy folks in every profession. That root canal cost $1500 because your dentist spent most of his/her adult life learning how to do it.
    Let’s break down that $1500:
    rent/mortgage on office
    malpractice ins
    workers comp ins
    school loans 1500-2500 a month
    health ins for employees 25K yr
    dental supplies 3000-5000 per month
    lab bills 40K-75K/ year.
    wind and hail coverage(could be 3500.00yr if you live where i do)
    Take that $500 an hour and multiply by .35 and you’ll see what your dentist makes if he’s doing root canals all day. Most procedures aren’t nearly as profitable or difficult.

    This much is sure: if taxes go up that increase is made up in fees charged.

  • This is a nice blog i must say, usually i don’t post comments on others’ blogs but would like to say that this post really forced me to do so!

  • Thanks for taking the time to share this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you gain knowledge, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

  • Electra

    Danny and Carl I totally agree with you. i am dentist and have worked very very hard to get to where I am .I have spent countless nights and weekends trying to build my practice…gone without pay so i may pay my employees .I do not get facials and manicures done every week like my front office lady does…..I feel if you worked hard and become successful nobody has the right to grudge you that. Period!

  • My colleagues and I have been discussing all of the unintended consequences of the new health care law. We agree that Republicans will take over Congress after this November mid term elections. However, only a few of us agree that Republicans will have enough of a majority to over ride a certain presidential veto if a new repeal health care bill is passed. Hang on to your wallets and watch our freedoms continue to fall away.

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