Why Dentists Say We Shouldn’t Nationalize Dental Care

National dental careWhen I recently ran a survey asking dentists for their thoughts on universal dental care, I wasn’t surprised to learn that most dentists think it’s a disastrous idea — even though one-third of them think it will happen by 2012. (Or at least, that the US will attempt it.)

But I was deluged with replies! It turns out dentists have a lot to say about the idea of a national dental plan. So let’s review some of the points that were raised most often…

It could ruin what is currently an amazing dental care system

“It would probably bump modern dentistry back into the 1950s, said a Pennsylvania dentist. “National Dental Care along with provider requirements, restrictions and limitations would destroy what now is the best care in the world,” declared a Maryland dentist.

Dentists’ hands are already tied by insurance

“We already have nationalized dental care. It is called dental insurance fee schedules,” deadpanned a Michigan dentist. “How about raising the maximum on existing dental plans? They have not gone up in over 20-25 years!” agreed a Massachusetts dentist.

More bureaucracy is not an improvement

“I would prefer they wait until hell freezes over to institute nationalized health care or nationalized dental care. There are few problems in this country that could not be solved by eliminating the role of the government and attorneys in the solution,” declared a California dentist. “Centralized bureaucratic control of anything is always dehumanizing at best,” agreed a New York dentist. “When the government gets involved, everything gets worse! It’s just the nature of the beast,” added a general dentist.

Past government efforts have been problematic

“We have already had a government-run dental system for years — it’s called Medicaid — and it doesn’t work,” said a California dentist. “Where is the government going to get the money to fund Universal Healthcare?” asked an Ohio prosthodontist. “How about being able to properly fund Social Security first? Since the government is failing on that, I doubt they can properly handle funding Universal Healthcare!”

Look at the British

“If Americans nationalized dental care, our teeth would look like those of the British,” predicted a Virginia dentist. “Do Americans want to have teeth like the English?” asked a New York dentist. “Even in England, more and more dentists are opting out of the National Dental Services. Same in Japan.” Added an Illinois dentist, “It forces the evolution of a two-tier system, with the fee-for-service (read: high-quality) sector being extremely expensive.”

“The British experiment with government-run dental care resulted in extreme rationing of treatment,” said a California dentist. “Educated Americans, who are used to dental implants and lifelong periodontal care, will not put up with mandated extractions and dentures from the government.”

Look at Eastern Europe

“Whoever had a chance to treat newcomers from the Eastern Europe was able to see and to deal with the results of socialized rationed dentistry. Everyone was given the stamped SS crown and the set of complete dentures. Are Americans ready for the same ‘standard of care’?” asked an Illinois dentist. “I have seen the amalgam crowns done in Europe which passed for acceptable dentistry there, but hey it was free! The old adage rings true: you get what you pay for,” agreed a Texas dentist.

So now what?

Well, now we wait and see if Obama tries to introduce universal dental care. Dentists should be paying attention to the debate about national health care, because dentistry just might be next…

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