Dentists Think Universal Dental Care Is a Terrible Idea

Universal dental careA third of dentists expect the US to attempt national dental care by 2012; another third think it will never happen. But 74% agree it’s a terrible idea; in fact, only 2% think it’s a good idea.

“Do Americans want to have teeth like the English?” asked one dentist.

national dental care“We already have nationalized dental care. It is called dental insurance fee schedules,” deadpanned a Michigan dentist.

Here are some other comments from dentists:

  • “National Dental Care would destroy what now is the best care in the world.” (Maryland dentist)
  • “We need something. Leaning toward a two-tiered system, a la Great Britain, but am open to any and all ideas.” (Michigan dentist)
  • “We have already had a government-run dental system for years — it’s called Medicaid — and it doesn’t work.” (California dentist)
  • “Centralized bureaucratic control of anything is always dehumanizing at best. Everyone becomes more or less a 1984 robot.” (New York dentist)
  • “All children under 18 should have coverage (including ortho), and Medicare should cover periodontal treatment.” (Illinois dentist)
  • “Is there a point when the ADA will quit championing nationalized dental care?” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “Too many government handouts. People feel they have a right to get everything instead of working for it.” (California dentist)
  • “When the government gets involved, everything gets worse!” (General dentist)
  • “Where is the government going to get the money to fund Universal Healthcare? Mmm…How about being able to properly fund Social Security first?” (Ohio prosthodontist)
  • “Communism, Marxism, and Stalinism are not American.” (Vermont prosthodontist)
  • “Even Canada, with its government-ruled medical system, isn’t foolish enough to try that with dental care.” (California dentist)
  • “It would probably bump modern dentistry back into the 1950s.” (Pennsylvania dentist)

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