Dental Marketing Is an Investment in Your Practice

We’ve beenpublishing excerpts from Melinda Spitek’s new book, Dental Marketing: When a Shingle Isn’t Enough. A regular contributor to The Wealthy Dentist, Melinda is CEO of Hycomb Marketing and has 23 years of experience with dental practice management.

Here is another excerpt from her book:

Doctor, if you are proud of your skills, committed to the practice of quality dentistry, and participating in a practice you believe to be significantly beneficial to the community, doesn’t it make sense to back this fine product with an investment in its success?

Many dentists are put off by the idea of practice marketing because they feel the quality of their work should speak for itself. It certainly should, but most of the time all that is heard is little more than a whisper. Most patients can’t evaluate the quality of their dental work the way they can tangible consumer items like cars, glassware or home furnishings. Frankly, superb dentistry isn’t exactly Topic of Interest #1 in most casual cocktail conversations.

An investment in yourself can take many forms – anything from newspaper and radio ads to refrigerator magnets, from direct-mail letters to a quarterly newsletter to sponsorship of local events. Later we’ll discuss which might be right for you. Many dentists balk at spending any money at all in this manner because they can’t see how it lifts the practice. The fact is, you can determine, in many cases, the Return on Investment (ROI) for your expenditures, if you know where to look.

As Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot – just by looking.”

Melinda SpitekJust click here to order Dental Marketing: When a Shingle Isn’t Enough. Plus, say The Wealthy Dentist sent you and you’ll get free shipping!

Melinda Spitek is CEO of Hycomb Marketing Inc. Hycomb is an authority in marketing for dentists. Melinda has had plenty of hands-on experience as well, having worked 23 years in dental offices. For help with marketing, just call Hycomb at (800) 523-6961 or visit



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