Dentists Divided by Mercury in Amalgam Fillings

Mercury Dental Fillings: A Controversial Topic

In this poll, we asked dentists: Does your practice place amalgam fillings?

Dentists Split on MercuryIt’s getting hot in here! In a heated debate over the safety or dangers of mercury, dentists were passionately split over the issue of amalgam. Fifty-two percent of dentists in our poll responded, “No, we are no longer using amalgam.” The other 48% replied, “Yes, we are still placing amalgam fillings.”

There is a huge difference between general dentists and specialists on the issue of amalgam. About one out of two general dentists still uses mercury amalgam, whereas as fully four out of five specialists are using amalgam. In support of amalgam, specialists cited the lack of scientific evidence proving its toxicity and the superiority of amalgam in certain situations.

“Amalgam is a durable and cost effective restorative material,” said one Colorado prosthodontist. “I believe dentists who refuse to use mercury amalgam are misinformed.” A prosthodontic colleague from Kentucky agreed: “Dentists who advocate elimination of dental amalgam are building their practice at the expense of the rest of the profession. Dental amalgams are perfectly safe.”

A Pennsylvania dentist disagreed. “No dentist should be placing these. Porcelain is safer, healthier, and not Civil War era dentistry. The insurance companies love amalgam because it is cheap, period. Time for a change. I can’t believe there are dentists out there still placing amalgam. They should be ashamed.”

Location was not highly correlated with amalgam usage, but it is worth noting that suburban dentists were least likely to use amalgam. “I practice in an affluent town,” commented a general dentist from suburban New Jersey. “Amalgam fillings would not be acceptable to my patients.”

Dentists are so interested in this issue that a record number of dentists responded to this survey. With the ADA supporting amalgam’s safety, health and consumer groups touting its toxicity, and the FDA still refusing to make an official ruling, it’s hard to know whom to believe.

Nonetheless, next week I’ll be weighing in with my opinions on the matter. If there’s anything you’d like to tell me, please post your thoughts!

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