Obama Fails When It Comes to Dentists

As our new President approaches 100 days in office, 67% of dentists we surveyed don’t approve of the job he’s doing, and over half of respondents gave him a grade of D or F.

“He is a socialist and he does not have America’s best interests at heart!” declared one.

Report Card:
Barack Obama
as graded by dentists
A 19%
B 12%
C 11%
D 26%
F 32%

Dentists’ biggest political concerns are taxes, the economic stimulus plan, and health care.

Dentists tend to be relatively high-income small businesspeople, and previous surveys indicate that dentists as a group tend to be significantly more conservative than the country as a whole. Prior to the primaries, a Wealthy Dentist survey found Mitt Romney to be the favorite candidate of dentists.

The President’s economic recovery plan has disappointed a number of dentists. “His wealth distribution is so backwards. I almost completely disagree with his entire economic strategy,” said a Washington dentist. Offered an Ohio dentist, “We have witnessed one of the greatest non-wartime spending sprees in our history. Only to now find out that what we thought we were getting (infrastructure) is to be replaced by pipe dreams (high speed rail and wind farms).”

Some urged patience before judging Obama’s policies. “It took a lot longer than 100 days to get us into this mess – it will take longer to get us out,” said a Florida dentist. Agreed a Michigan dentist, “He has been handed a tough job by President Bush’s mismanagement and lack of relevant focus.”

Others are certain the Obama administration will lead the US to disaster. “If we have another terrorist attack (God forbid), it will be Obama’s fault, pure and simple,” declared a Florida dental office worker. “He is taking our country down a dark road,” agreed another in Texas.

Some dentists felt alienated by the previous President. “The man inherited an absolute mess from the previous administration,” said a Texas dentist. “He is opening up diplomatic channels to a lot of countries we should have been talking to years ago. Because of the Bush administration and extremist neoconservative Republicans, I am out of the Republican Party.”

Read the 100 days of Obama press release or see the complete Barack Obama approval rating survey results

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  • Sean Hart

    Obama just plain fails. Anyone who is a dentist really had to bust their tail to become a dentist. The only thing Obama wants to do is take your hard earned money and give it to people who do not deserve it. Basically his administration is rewarding laziness and punishing those who actually work. This man is by far the worst president ever. What was America thinking? Just saying that man’s name makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Jeremy Bayer

    I am working very hard to build a practice from scratch and working a second job on the weekends to pay my personal expenses. Soon I will have my debt paid off and be in a position to actually start creating wealth and security. With Obama’s economic plans, I will be better off working less and making less than entering a higher tax bracket and just having my extra work go directly to the wasteful government. By working less, my employess will get less hours, less patients will be seen, and I will use less local businesses because I will have less overhead. All Obama does is cause me to want to work less and help less people.

  • He is wrecking the very fabric of responsile government, which is minimal intrusion. He certainly does not represent what our forefathers meant for a President to be. To me, he is a total embarassment. I am just sickened by what he represents and what he is capable of destroying. One thing is for certain, he will end up being the most visible yet opaque President we will have ever had in our nation’s history. He just doesnt have the capacity to understand what protecting this great nation is all about and what it takes. he doesnt understand private enterprise. He doesnt understand small business. He’s just a vociferous idiot and representative of the very socialism that we have warred against for almost a century. Thats about all there is to it. Every day I cant stand him at a greater level. Its just a sad moment for our country.

  • His solution to everything when you look at the basics of what is actually happening is one of strengthening government control. Banks that want to give backTarp money can’t..? Why would that be? Just like insurance companies after you sign participating agreements. You voluntarily give up some more control until you are dependent on them and are a supplicant to their whims or demands.. This is basically having a centralized authority take over your life..It’s just a matter of time.. Look at the road and read the signs. You’re not blind yet.

  • Mr. Obama’s campaign promise of raising taxes “only” for people with incomes higher than 200,000 perked up my ears. As a dental practice consultant, this was alarming news for me because the majority of my clients and most small businesses fall into that category. Most dental practices are set up to declare income on their personal taxes through sub corps. The potential damage to these hard-working dentists will be devastating to say the least and the ripple effects into their communities will be far reaching.The gross income is a far cry from what is actually net profit as I am sure many will attest. This policy will not provide an incentive to produce and it will stifle the American economy even more. When productivity is punished, you simply get less productivity and right now this is the last thing we can endure.One can only hope that the light will come on in the dark chasm of liberal thinking.

  • About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburg, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2000 years earlier:
    ” ‘A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.’ ‘A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.’ ‘From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.'”

    An entry into the Arizona Republic editorial page shortly after the election of President Obama displays the apparent truth of Professor Tyler’s writings. It is this attitude of the majority of the american voters that alarms me….whatever happened to the american spirit of independence upon which this great country was founded?

    Mr. Tom Martin of Tucson wrote:
    “At age 66, I have never been so proud to be an American. Finally, African-Americans are on equal footing with European-Americans, and the heavy yoke of slavery guilt can be thrust from our shoulders.
    I thrill at knowing my grandchildren will have cradle-to-grave congressional-level health care. I marvel at the genius in creating 4 million new jobs during his first term for the 12 million illegal immigrants he will naturalize.
    I bristle with excitement knowing our large corporations will not be allowed to wither and die. But, most of all, I drool knowing my taxes will not be raised to pay for any of his programs-that only the super-rich will bear the financial burden. Barack Obama is a true messiah.

    We as a country must regain that fierce independent spirit of “can do” , of “don’t do it for me, just give me the chance and get outta my way.” Eric Heap Tempe, AZ

  • james williams

    The man is a marxist idealist with no grounding in reality. He sounds eloquent as long as he has a teleprompter to tell him what to say. He is a front man bought by George Soros, the unions and the left and is doing irreparable damage to this country by nationalizing key industries, wildly excessive spending and weakening our defenses and foreign policy. After completing his takeover of the financial institutions and auto industry, He will probably target the oil companies.

  • Ed Kendrick

    A ‘must see’ video that is viewable online (Google videos) is entitled “OBAMA DECEPTION”.

    We get the government we deserve. A majority of Americans have given up their duty to vigilence over the workings of government–while secrecy within government seems to keep the rest of us from knowing the real machinations in domestic and foreign policies.

    Watch OBAMA DECEPTION soon.

  • Glen

    I do not understand the reported dentist position on Obama. He is a brilliant man who has gone after the lack of ethics and morals of people like the AIG executives, the WM exec. that worked three weeks and drew off 20 mil. a few days after WM folded, etc. There is a big difference between going after people and companys that show a lack of ethics and morals and socialism!

    On the one hand we have people in the financial industry questioning the survival of the USA and on the other hand we have dentists questioning the one man that has a possibility of keeping the USA afloat.

    I do not see the dentists earning 140 mil. per year. What delusionary point of view are the dentists coming from to fancy themselves as amongst the elite earners. In reality, the dentists are still amongst the bottom feeders.

    The problem I see is that dentists are highly skilled people that get relatively poorly compensated for this with a few exceptions.

  • John from Texas

    I believe the desire of the administration to have a national healthcare system will drive many doctors out. Those that are close to retirement now will retire and those of us that aren’t will be looking for other avenues to supplement our income and get out as fast as possible. We provide the care that is needed now, not 6 months from when it was deemed necessary. We only have to look north of our border to see how this is true and then only to the south to see the other end of the spectrum, quality care is scarce. Any comments would be welcomed.

  • Beth from Chicago

    It’s crystal clear to me that every one of your “concerns” for the general public’s health are being voiced only out of greed and selfishness. If dentists really cared about the public’s health, there would be more of you willing to work in areas of need, or for less money. My husband is an RDH and has witnessed first-hand the malpractice and poor care being given by about 98% of the dentists he has CHOSEN to work for. I say chosen because he WILL NOT work for a dentist who wrongs the public. We will for sure loose our house this year because of the fact that he can not find a decent dentist to work for. And despite what you all think, the poor people of this country (95% of the population, mind you) are NOT lazy or undeserving. We are simply people who were never given the chance to ride the coat tails of our parents and grandparents success. A friend of mine drives a taxi cab 13 hours a day to make $75 (if he’s lucky). On the other hand, my husband has been fired by a dentist he worked for who got angry when my husband had to wake him up to do a patient exam. Now which one of these two sounds lazy to you? Which one of these people sounds like they need a fair shake at life in the US? I’ll tell you a little secret that’s becoming very apparent to the population of the United States of America, IT’S NOT YOU!

  • Dr. Dale Sweeney

    Glen, Wall Street is no different than the our dental profession. There will always be a few bad seeds who will rip off society. What you do not do, is destroy our capitalist society because of it. Criminals belong in Jail. What President Obama is doing goes against capitalistic principles. Companies that cannot survive should be allowed to fail. You are also correct. Dentists are not super rich. What peole fail to see is that Obama is not targeting the “SUPER” rich. He is targeting the middle class. His socialist/Marxist “distribute the wealth tactics” scare the hell out of me! Gov’t health care should be called Gov’t health rationing. Would you really like the Post Office running your health care? That is what we are going to get. Wake Up!

  • Dr. Jack from Denver

    One has to admire the way Mr. Obama ran his campaign by taking advantage of the internet and attracting the young voters. Unfortunately, what the youth of our nation will come to understand is that campaign rhetoric is not the same as practical experience…and this man has not run a business. He hasn’t had to meet payrolls, deal with a balance sheet, etc. Printing money is easy until inflation takes over and then he may have to have a few more printing presses. And if anywone believes that 95% of the people will have their taxes reduced on a sustainned basis…think again. Ayn Rand wrote about what is now happening with our nation several decades ago and her book “Atlas Shrugged” is again catching people’s attention. I feel sorry for those that have been taken in by the “trained professional politicians” and we have a bunch of them in D.C. including our president. We are headed for deep trouble…hopefully not a gun toting revolution.

  • Grove city

    We already have a system, called Medicaid. He ought to fix that first before sinking the country into more debt.the poor people will not be able to see the dentist. Dental care should be a part of any universal health care plan. If your teeth and gum’s aren’t in good shape, you won’t be able to chew properly, and your nutrition will suffer. the dental industry is likely to be impacted by the reform bill.

  • Bianca Jackson

    I think you should cut Obama some slack. Let him finish his term before giving him a final review. My dentist in Las Vegas hasn’t mentioned to me anything about the recent changes, so I’m kinda surprised that many have raised an eyebrow about this new taxing plan. Personally, I think this will all benefit us in the long run.

  • Bianca Jackson

    I think you should cut Obama some slack. Let him finish his term before giving him a final review. My dentist in Las Vegas hasn’t mentioned to me anything about the recent changes, so I’m kinda surprised that many have raised an eyebrow about this new taxing plan. Personally, I think this will all benefit us in the long run.

  • Bianca Jackson

    I think you should cut Obama some slack. Let him finish his term before giving him a final review. My dentist in Las Vegas hasn’t mentioned to me anything about the recent changes, so I’m kinda surprised that many have raised an eyebrow about this new taxing plan. Personally, I think this will all benefit us in the long run.


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