Most Dentists Report Being Embezzled: Survey Results

Dentists, Keep an Eye on the Cash Register!

In this poll, we asked dentists: Has your dental practice ever been embezzled?

59% of Dentist Report Being EmbezzledQuick, check the cash register! The majority of dentists report having been embezzled. Fifty-nine percent of dentists in our poll responded, “Yes, I have discovered theft in my practice.” Only 41% replied, “I’m not sure: I have never been able to prove an embezzlement took place.”

For some of the most dramatic tales of theft, check out the editorial on the left, and stay tuned next week for even more stories.

Here are a few of the comments our dentists had to share:


  • “In my 24-year career it’s happened twice. Both times my systems proved effective.”
  • “The only embezzlement/theft/fraud I am aware of is time.”
  • “Most trusted employee with video poker gambling addiction.”
  • “I open my own mail 98% of the time.”
  • “We prosecuted; she was convicted of a felony and given 5 years probation. We were fortunate to have insurance to recover the $30,000.”
  • “A dental assistant who worked for another doctor who shared space with me was stealing my impression trays, alginate and bleaching tray material and solution and making bleaching trays out of her home after hours (and charging!)”
  • “How do you look for embezzling? I’ve heard that it is usually agreeable, competent, and apparently irreplaceable people who embezzle.”
  • “Long term involving many thousands of dollars.”
  • “Lab tech embezzled $8500, forging checks.”
  • “My office manager (of course) was setting aside insurance checks… She did this for almost 10 years, for a total of at least $700,000. Her litigation is currently pending.”
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