Dentures Cost About $2,900, Say Dentists

Dentists reported charging an average of $2,900 for a full set of upper and lower dentures in this survey.

However, the cost of dentures varies widely by dentist. While some dentists charge $1,000, one prosthodontist defended his $10,000 fee for dentures.

Dentists tend to agree that dentures cost far less than they could. “Denture fees should be raised to at least $6,000 for a full set of upper and lower,” said one dentist.

Here’s a sample of what else dentists had to say:

  • “Whatever you can charge, it’s never enough.” (Tennessee dentist charging $3000)
  • “The average fee for quality dentures is way under-priced. In order to make a comfortable, functional and esthetic denture takes time and precision. Why be cheap and not precise about something a lot of people wear 24/7 and function with the rest of their entire life?!” (Florida dentist charging $2500)
  • “I insist on having two implants placed to support the lower denture, which adds approximately $5000 to the total cost. I’ve given up on free-floating lower dentures.” (North Dakota dentist charging $3200)
  • “Most of the lowers have dental implants, which adds $5000, and a few have upper implants. We do external ads to build this business.” (Missouri dentist charging $4000)
  • “Dentures cause me more headaches in my practice than anything else I do. Especially immediate dentures, which decrease in fit as the patient heals.” (Indiana dentist charging $2200)
  • “At my office we produce very high quality dentures for our patients. In order to do so, 4 to 5 appointments are necessary, and we include up to 2 adjustment appointments in the fee.” (Ohio prosthodontist charging $3600)
  • “Welfare in NY state pays $1200.” (New York prosthodontist charging $1000)
  • “It recently came to my attention that denturists are charging much much more than dentists. Why have we as a profession given this care away?” (Canada dentist charging $1200 including lab)

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