Differentiating Your Dental Practice Can Be Easy


Consumers can have a hard time telling one dental practice from another – that’s why it’s so important that you differentiate yourself from your competitors. The key to successful marketing is being able to answer the question: What makes your product better than the other guy’s?

Of course there’s your experience and your education, the quality of your work and the thoughtful care provided by your team, your convenient location and your areas of specialty. You’re no marketing dummy – you know all this.

But don’t forget to think of it from the patient’s standpoint. When it comes to selecting a dentist, patients are as likely to be influenced by small factors as large ones. That means that small changes to your practice (changes that may seem superficial to you!) can keep the loyalty of existing patients and help draw in new ones as well.

By now you’re ready for me to get to the point. Reading our local newsweekly, I came across a short article listing dentists with DVD players. Patients can bring their own movies to watch or select from the dentists’ libraries.

Letting a patient watch a movie while you tinker away doesn’t change the quality of care you provide, but it does change the patient’s experience. And when it comes to marketing your practice, the one is just as important as the other.

It makes me think of children begging their parents to buy the SUV with the TV screen in the back seat. It’s a minor change customers perceive as more desirable. And do you know what? It sells a lot of SUVs!

So while you’re thinking big with your marketing plans, don’t forget to think small too. A fresh coat of paint, nice background music, a comfy chair, a movie to watch – these little things are an important part of your patients’ experience.

I’m trying to train you to be a marketing genius. So don’t forget to let people know about any improvements you’ve made. Remember, it’s not really bragging if you’re providing a benefit. Patients actually want to know about those things!

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