Dentists Say “Cosmetic Dentistry” Is Just Good Dentistry

These Days, Cosmetic Dentistry Is All Anyone Wants

In this poll, we asked dentists: Should cosmetic dentistry become its own board-certified specialty?

The clear majority of dentist don’t think cosmetic dentistry should be a separate specialty. A full 89% of dentists responded, “No – The current system works, and cosmetic dentistry should not be board-certified.” Only 11% replied, “Yes – It’s time that cosmetic dentistry be recognized as its own specialty.”The most significant factor in determining a dentist’s vote was geographic location. Urban dentists were far more likely than their rural colleagues to support board certification for cosmetic dentistry. This suggests that dentists in more urban areas are somewhat more likely to specialize in cosmetic dentistry. With a shortage of dentists in many rural areas, rural dentists sometimes have to fill more roles for their patients. For many of them, the idea of specializing in cosmetic dentistry just isn’t relevant to their patients’ needs.

Here are some of the comments our dentists had to share:


  • “It’s time to admit to ourselves that the best ‘cosmetic dentist’ this week is the one with the best lab technician.”
  • “If we at least require some sort of credential, if not actually creating a specialty, then those advertising will be at a baseline. An ENT or family practitioner could do a nose job, but wouldn’t you rather go to a board-certified plastic surgeon?”
  • “All dentists are cosmetic dentists.”
  • “I do better cosmetic dentistry than the local guys who spend a fortune to advertise.”
  • “If anything, we should make general dentistry a specialty, as medicine has done for family practice.”
  • “Anyone offering ‘full-mouth makeovers’ already has a specialty – it’s called Prosthodontics!”
  • “Maybe cosmetic dentists should do makeup, hair styling, nails, tanning, eyeliner tattooing, and colon cleansing like some are already doing. Why use a middleman hair stylist?”
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