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As promised, this week we’ll tell you how to attract more insurance patients to your office. It is often as simple as reminding patients of their dental benefits. Remember, most people’s benefits have been renewed with the new year.

Not long ago, we published a sample letter you can send patients entitled Dental Insurance Benefits in the New Year that reminds them to take advantage of their insurance benefits. If you haven’t already mailed or emailed a similar message to your patient base, it’s still not too late.

In this economy, your existing patients are more valuable than ever before. In general, it’s about 15 times less expensive to sell treatment to an existing patient than it is to acquire a new one. Your existing patient list is a valuable resource. Are you making the most of it? Keeping in touch with patients on a regular basis keeps you and your practice in the minds of your patients.

Your best bet is to invest in marketing programs that get the best results for the least money. We know that marketing to your existing patient base is financially effective. Since money is tight, you might lean towards methods that get you the most exposure. For example, you might choose to send an email newsletter rather than invest in thousands of postage stamps. Good email marketing has a great ROI potential — but you do have to do it right.

Sometimes outsourcing the task is the best investment. The dental patient newsletter program program, for example, can automatically send all your subscribers a different dental newsletter each month. You can turn off the auto-pilot and write your own messages, or schedule sendouts from a library of timely and informative pre-written articles. There’s even software that scans your databases and helps you assemble your email list.

Though email newsletter communication programs are best when run as part of an integrated marketing campaign, they’re also a nice way to get your feet wet without committing to anything larger.

Up next week: How are medical professionals dealing with the recession? Feel free to post your thoughts on that topic as well…

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