Is It Time Write Off Cosmetic Dentistry as a Market?

Cosmetic Dentistry Is a Shrinking Market These Days

Last week’s editorial, Is Cosmetic Dentistry an Industry or an Art?, continued to question the future of cosmetic dentistry. Once again, I got a lot of interesting comments. (Highlights are mine.)

“Has the dental industry truly understood consumers’ need sets, or is it the Hollywood, glamour that is being sold to the wealthy minority? How many consumers can afford the average $5,000 mouth, let alone $10K, $20K, or even $30K? Is it vanity that the industry is selling?”

Herb Young

“I disagree with Dr. Young when he says that consumers cannot afford to put 10-30K into their mouths. These same consumers have the latest phones with service at $100 plus per month, they travel, they have the latest car models and multiple Big Screen TVs. They have the money and the discretion to spend it. Dentistry is undersold!!”

Dr. Harry A. Long

My job is to look at the stats and calculate (some would say pontificate) on the future viability of various aspects of the dental industry. There is no doubt that consumer interest is waning, and it is a long-term trend.

cosmetic dentistry web trends

The first question is why? Has cosmetic dentistry exhausted the market of the wealthy and vain? The vast majority of the world wakes up every morning, brushes their teeth, looks briefly in the mirror and moves on. What do they see? Their teeth, the same ones they see every morning. They are used to seeing them as they are: stained, crooked, chipped.

The reality is that the vast majority of the world does not think that much about their teeth. Unless of course they are in pain or are looking for a mate. And even that isn’t always true. (What else could be the excuse for Prince Charles’ mouth?)

Second question: is there still a viable market for cosmetic procedures?

With a little research, we were able to find the top ten cosmetic dental search terms in Google and the number of searches. You might want to quibble about “Veneers” as being really about wood or Formica, but when you search the term, the results are overwhelmingly dental.

cosmetic dentistry web trends

What this data tells us is that over 585,000 people are searching for information each month about some aspect of cosmetic dentistry. Is it time to write off cosmetic dentistry as a market? Is there still a viable market? Absolutely! At least on the Internet.

Should you be spending more money on cosmetic training, equipment and marketing? That will be next week’s editorial.

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