Most Dentists Pay Their Dental Hygienists by the Hour (video)

Most Dentists Pay Their Dental Hygienists by the Hour (video)In this survey, we asked dentists if they pay their hygienists an hourly wage, or if compensation is based on commission.

Four out of five dentist report paying hygienists a base hourly wage.

Only 19% say their hygienists are paid on commission.

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  • Robert Imagawa DDS

    Thirty-five plus years ago, some brilliant Hygiene Instructors reasoned that their students were better off demanding a level of compensation rather than waiting for an offer. Furthermore, using her economic genius, she reasoned that if a typical dentist’s overhead is 50% with slightly lower overhead for hygiene, her students should ask for a 50% commission while reminding the “economically do-do” dentist that profit would still be made from her labor. But that wasn’t enough! This genius lectured to graduating dental students, recommending her formula as fair and right. This is a wonderful example of American entrepreneurialism where the cart leads the donkey!
    Today, the result has come to public outrage and demands for lower costs, while dentists scramble to recommend unnecessary procedures to pay for their bludgeoned overhead.

  • Amber Smith, RDH

    Independent Practice For All Dental Hygienists…..Problem solved!!!


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