Universal Dental Licensure: Dentists Want It (VIDEO)

The clear majority of American dentists want one license that would let them practice their profession in any of the 50 states.

Only 16% of dentists surveyed support the current system of regional or state-by state licensure – and many of them live in states like Florida or California.

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  • Dean Schacht dds

    about time

  • Dale Burke

    I think our comrades in California and Florida need to wake up to the truth that not everyone desires to live in their states. In fact, with the high tax structure and unending regulations, I would surmise that there are dentists in CA that would quickly abandon that state for another if they could.

  • stan sirgutz

    way overdue would not have gone to dental school if i was aware of this in 1969 my grandkids live in fla. and flying is too stressful and exhausting to do i am pissed at the ada (member for 39 years) this issue is a travesty just not fair, regards, dr.s

  • When are these turf wars going to end? I too would like to join the rest of my family in Florida, but I’m not going to take biochemestry. histology and other stuff to start from Part 1 of the national boards. Why doesn’t the ADA act more responsibly and push harder for reciprocity?


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