Survey: 4 Out of 5 Dentists Favor Universal Licensure

Dentists Would Love One License That Would Allow Them to Practice Anywhere

Our latest poll question brought in a record number of responses! We asked: Once a dentist is licensed in one state, should he or she be permitted to practice anywhere in the US?

The answer was an overwhelming “Yes!” Over four out of five dentists responded, “Yes – I support universal licensure across the US.” A minority replied, “No – I support the current system of state-by-state and/or regional licensing.”

I guess dentists want to be able to move! What’s more, a number of you are undoubtedly hoping for a semi-working retirement where the warm breezes blow.

Over half of the dentists who oppose universal licensure are from the warm and sunny states of Florida, Hawaii, California and Texas. Coincidence? No way!

Our readers had volumes to say on this issue… here are just a few comments:


  • “Don’t you know that teeth are different from one state to the next?” (Pennsylvania)
  • “This is THE reason why I am not a member of the ADA and will never rejoin.” (Indiana)
  • “The purpose of credentialing is to prevent dentists who are inept, addicted to drugs, or just plain dumb from going to state to state leaving a wake of disaster behind them.” (Michigan)
  • “Regional Boards are more reasonable. The market will control overcrowding.” (California)
  • “This is SUPPOSED to be a free country where people can relocate as desired. This current system is just regional protectionism. It sucks!” (Massachusetts)
  • “Once [one has] passed the Florida board, it is a tough decision to then open it up to everyone. We really can’t have tons of semi-retired folks down here competing.” (Florida)
  • “Board exams for initially-licensed dentists are just a source for additional revenue and a way to limit the number of dentists in that state. In brief, it is a scam.” (Michigan)
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