Dentists Want To Be in Charge (VIDEO)

Dentists prefer boss to associateDentists prefer being in charge to working for somebody else, according to this poll. Fully 76% of dentists said they would rather be their own boss than work for someone else.

Specialists were unanimous: being your own boss is better. Not a single dental specialist responding to this survey said they would prefer to be an associate.

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  • What worked well for me was to build my own two-office orthodontic practice for 25 years of my professional life, and then sell one office, then the other, to young orthodontists as I phased out of full-time practice. The final phase was to become an associate of an orthodontist with a mature practice, who wanted to have more freedom from the office. I work an average of 10 hours per week so he can have time-off with no loss to the practice productivity. And I can keep productive without the responsibilities for management of the practice. We work on the same patients as a team, and we explain that to them. They can see either of us if they schedule that way, or take the “doctor of the day”. He knows I’m not going to open up my own shop in town and become competition, which has happened when he hired a young orthodontist. It’s a win-win situation.


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