Dental Lasers Get Approval from 3 of 4 Dentists (video)

Three out of four dentists who have purchased a dental laser said in our survey that they have been satisfied with it. Only 25% have been disappointed by the performance of their dental laser.

Lasers can be used on more than just teeth and gums; they can also be used for facial cosmetic treatments. Of dentists who have a laser, half of them report that they offer such cosmetic skin services. The other half do not use their lasers in that manner.

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  • Art Levy

    I applaud you for an informative survey on Laser Satisfaction as well as your incisive comment on the relationship between Continual Training and education and Laser satisfaction. As the Secretary of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, we have found that to be the most critical fact in maintaining satisfaction with Lasers. As your skills increase, more training helps to open new possibilities for more uses of this great tool. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your partoicipation with us at the Academy, particularly at our upcoming meeting in Las Vegas, thereby reaching a large population of Dentists who are already inclined to advanced Dental Treatment for their patients!

  • M DiPaula

    I have been using Lasers in my office now for over 2 years and could not pracice with out them. Most of the children in my office do not know what a needle nor high speed drill looks like. With the portability of the Waterlase MD and the power and speed of the Powerlase AT, I do many more procedures at high success rate. The quality of service to my patients is invaluable.

  • I agree with the responses the laser (periolase) has been a wonderful addition to our practice.

    The Florida dentist that said “if lasers are so in vogue in perio why is it that dentists not periodontists are buying?” The fact is that 50% of sales for the last two years with Millennium’s Periolase have been periodontists.

    WAKE UP GP’s!

    The argument by the NY perio that said lasers are not as effective has not done LANAP. The idea that a scalpel is more comfortable for the patient is ridiculous. Do a search on Youtube for LANAP and see what patients are saying. In my practice we do Osseous Surgery with the laser and the patients report back when asked “How much pain do you have on a scale of 1-10 10 being the worst you have ever had?” The usual answer is about a 2. I have had some 4’s and some 0’s.

    For more info click on my name and see what periodontists that have done LANAP say about the alternative.


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