Dental Specialists Usually Refer Back to Dentists (VIDEO)

Dental specialist referralsDentists were asked how frequently their patients are referred back after being sent out for treatment by specialists. The clear majority said they always or almost always got their patients back.

Dentists reported that prosthodontists were the worst offenders when it comes to not referring patients back. There were also complaints about pediatric dentists and periodontists. Dentists were happiest with oral surgeons, orthodontists, and endodontists.

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  • I have a practice limited to prosthodontics in Southern California, I always refer back the patient to the treating dentist; When I do a large case I consult with the GP if the patient needs additional work such as Endo, Perio or Ortho… before I refer them out, so they have a say wether they want to perform the additional treatment themselves or have someone else do it. I have a great relationship with my referring Doctors. I like to see the patient once a year; so, we may do an occasional cleaning here and there. I do not have a hyginist in my office as many other prosthodontists do. The only ones that I can’t refer back are the complete denture cases, and they are the majority of our referred one. I try to sent out walk in patients to my GPs if they need treatment such as prophies or restorative work.


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