Dentists Passionately Love and Hate Dental Amalgam (Video)

Dentists have used dental amalgam to make metal fillings for a long time, but the material is more controversial now than ever before.

Some worry the silver/mercury alloy may cause health problems, while others think it’s still superior to tooth-colored composite fillings.

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  • Francis Ryan

    Several years ago a lady I had never seen before presented with severe pain; #20,#21, &/or #22. No question one or more were stewing an abscess in early stages. All had large composite restorations beautifull in appearance. No other teeth in this quadrant. Pulp testing no help, percussion no help, hot & cold applications no help, radiographs no help (even taking the mental foramen into consideration). She stated she was leaving for europe the next day. “Do something” she demanded. Dentist no help. Something was going wrong with those beautifully restored teeth – but what? Seems to me (after 53 years of practice and still going) it is possible to tell a lot more about a problem teeth restored with cast metal or amalgam than when the restoration is composite.


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