One in Four Dentists Rejects ADA Membership (Video)

When we asked dentists if political disagreements or other differences of opinion had caused them to quit the ADA or their local dental association, one quarter (26%) reported that they have quit the ADA or another dental organization. There are any number of reasons why dentists are disappointed in organized dentistry.

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  • After 35 years I’m still a dues paying member..You’d think after that time out of some respect for support your dues would be reduced? There is obviously much good the organization has done for our own political protection. But, also, as any large beaurocracy it has grown more in the self serving area. For instance, when medical savings accounts were available during Clinton admin, I called the ADA about their program and the high deductible insurance was higher in premium than what I was then paying for lower deductible ins…Who didn’t do their homework for the membership who was paying their ADA endorsed orbit xylitol decay reducing gum . It has zylitol but a number of other ingredients including aspartame.. Why the endorsement, $ ? ADA’s own research shows that only zylitol alone will give 85% reduction, and additional non cariogenic sweeteners reduce the effectiveness..I could go on, but it’s late…gotta go


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