Dental Consultants Often Disappoint (Video)

Dental management consultingIn this video, we discuss a survey of dentists we did on the topic of dental consultants.

Dentists are split on the issue, with 41% of dentists reporting that their practices are currently using consultants for marketing and/or dental practice management. Of the remaining 59%, some have never tried, whereas others have and been disappointed with the results.

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  • Dr Busch

    Hiring a dental consultant turned out to be the most expensive and worthless thing I have ever done in my 30 years of practice. “Months” of consulting services turned out to be nothing other than a one day monthly visit, spread out over several months. There was little to no contact between visits. There was only 1-2 emails and never a phone call. There was no real training in specific areas or key indicators of the practice as we expected. There was no help for the staffing and management of staff that was desperately needed. There was no individualized help. I was given a large set of manuals, that were outdated and not even structured to a computer system or today’s practices. I was also assigned books to read. Most of these things kept me more dragged down by the volume of work, making matters even worse. Any tidbits of advice I had already read…mostly recently on all the web postings. Seems I was just getting fed back to me what we can all read on here daily.
    As I said before….WORTHLESS AND EXPENSIVE!

  • I’m have a small marketing company and have worked with dentists (although not exclusively) for the past twelve years. It really upsets me to read stories of “marketers” (the quotes are there because they are really pseudo-marketers, untrue to our professional code) who take your hard-earned money and run. If you’re thinking of bringing on anyone to help you with marketing, I suggest you ask them to provide you with a written overview of the exact services they will provide. Make sure it states how they are personally helping you and how much interaction they’ll have with you for training you and your staff. All their suggestions to you should be actionable and specifically tailored to your practice. Also BE SURE they offer – in writing – a satisfaction or money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

  • Karlj J. Muzikar, DDS

    Dr. Busch:

    Thank you for your very brutally honest admission. This must have been hard for you to actually write down and broadcast to the rest of us hard working dental collegues. Think of it like the patient that owes you a ton of money and you think about it every month because it is on the “reports” until you write it off years later unpaid. Then you forget about it finally because it is not in front of you all the time. I hope you never run into that consultant ever again.

  • In my 35 years of dentistry I have had several experiences with different consultants. The result have been similar to trying a new diet with the hope of a new slim body or the “dream practice”. After the adrenalin subsides and the new systems become routine we often shift back to our old style. And, it is critically important to understand ourselves, what we want, the values we hold closely. Our practice must be moulded around who we are. If a consultant promotes his service as a “magic bullet” to incredible success stay away. If the advice of a consultant isn’t you, it will never work in the long term.


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