What’s the Most Effective Dental Marketing Tactic? (Video)

Dental practice marketing with internet videoDental marketing success relies on choosing the most effective ways to promote your practice.

Dentists can market themselves in all kinds of ways, including dental websites, new patient mailings, TV ads, and social media.

Direct mail marketing is the most important, but now we’re putting more of a focus on growing our online dental marketing,” said a Minnesota dentist.

“If you don’t ask for referrals, you don’t get them!” advised a Massachusetts dentist.

Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss a survey that asked dentists about their most effective dental practice marketing tactics.

Two out of three dentists in this survey said internal marketing is the most important.

There’s nothing like referrals from your current patients.

Next was internet dental marketing, which one in five said was most important to them. Only 7% said direct mail marketing was the most beneficial, and another 7% voted for traditional media like newspaper, TV and radio ads.

Of course, Jim is biased in favor of online dental marketing.

“Word of mouth is always number one, and under that would be focused direct mail. Internet marketing is catching up, but the quality of the patients is always less,” said a Massachusetts dentist.

“If you treat your patients like you would treat your family, then the best ‘marketing’ or good word of mouth takes care of itself! We really only market our practice by being active in our community and being very good to our patients, and we get about 30 new patients every month,” said an Alabama dentist.

“How do you define important? The internal is the most important, but the internet brings most of our clients in a new business,” said a Missouri dentist.

“Internal marketing and word of mouth clearly bring in the BEST new patients for us. We receive the most new patients from internet and direct mail marketing. Printed phone book marketing is fast becoming one of the least important marketing vectors for us because the return on investment is getting smaller and smaller,” said an Ohio prosthodontist.

Analyzing your ROI is the best way to determine which of your dental practice marketing efforts are most effective.

Bottom line: use any marketing avenue where your profit ends up being greater than your expenses.

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